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I don't have .ff files
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Category: Q4 Scripting
Scripting and Coding for Quake 4
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Author Topic: scripts
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Category: Q4 Scripting
Posted: Saturday, Sep. 16, 2006 07:15 pm
Might seem like a foolish question, but I'm trying to port several weapons over from Doom 3, but keep coming up with script errors, specifically that the editor cannot locate the needed scripts. So I am wondering where exactly weapon scripts placed in the Quake 4 pk4 files. Have already found the script folder in pak010, but I think there might be more.
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Category: Q4 Scripting
Posted: Sunday, Sep. 17, 2006 05:10 am
The errors as they are printed in the game console should tell you what is missing and possibly where to look.

Some file for models such as weapons can be found by opening the models in the model viewer. I think that's "modview" typed in the console.

When porting the weapons, it depends on how you are doing it. IF you are trying to double the arsonal with these added weapons, that's alot of update to make throughout the game. You'll have to tackles each error as it pops up. IF you are trying to replace the weapons in the game, you should end up with much fewer errors.

IF you can get your hands on a high-end text editor such as ultra edit, then use the 'search in files' function. extract all of the files from the pk4 files (hopefully you have the diskspace for it). Then run a 'search in files' for the weapon in question. As you read through each script, look for entries that may lead to other scripts so you can follow the trail the weapon takes when the game loads.
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