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Casinos and Grand Theft Auto V

Posted by foyleman in General on Jul 13, 2014

Grand Theft Auto is a gaming series which has grown to the level of phenomenon since it originally launched way back in 1997, and the expectations for any new series are huge. This means a huge amount of pressure, but the online reviews have generally been extremely positive. These have praised numerous aspects of this latest instalment of the franchise – the first entirely new edition since Grand Theft Auto IV six years ago – noting the complex world that the game is set in and the innovative way that the gaming has been structured.

This latter element allows you to move between three different main characters if you play using single-player mode, with the ability to shift between playing as Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips, as the situation demands. The perspectives and situations that this places the gamer in are often daringly ‘dark’ – including a scene of torture – and this has led to some controversy, although the majority of players seem to like this gritty element. However, one key element of the Grand Theft Auto series which has been largely absent from V is casino gambling – although there are indications that this might change with the upcoming update, however until then you may want to practice (which you can do for free if you don’t want to gamble your real money) at http://www.gamingclub.com/au/online-roulette.

There is a casino featured in the original version of GTA V, but it is not actually interactive (meaning you can’t gamble at it during the game). However previews of the downloadable content (DLC) update suggest that casino will be central to it. The presence of the Vinewood Park casino with the ‘opening soon’ sign on the outside always suggested that there were plans for this to be a future part of the game – and it seems heists as well as gaming will be available to players who download this update. The content leaks for the GTA V DLC also suggest games like roulette – meaning players should have the option of actually gambling to raise in-game cash as well, indicating that the relationship between GTA and casino gaming is far from over.

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