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CoD: Battle Royale
CoD+UO Map + Mod Releases
Damaged .pk3's
CoD Mapping
heli to attack ai
CoD4 SP Mapping

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I tried to register a new account but I did not receive a confirmation email.

You may entered your email address incorrectly when registering with us. You must enter a valid email address in order to register.

I forgot my password.
You can request a new password from here. Using this form will allow you to reset your password. It will, however, require that you reconfirm your account from the email address under which you registered.
I registered and confirmed my account, but the site won't let me log in.

If you are getting an error when logging into the site, make sure that you are using the exact same username and password. They are both case sensitive.

If you are not getting an error message but still cannot log in, take a look at this FAQ for more help.

When I try to login, the site says "Logging you in..." but it doesn't actually work.
99% of the time, this is a problem related to cookies and your browser. There are two common solutions:
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    • Netscape users: Go to your Edit / preferences menu and in the advanced settings enable cookies.

Is my registration information kept private?
We do not share your registration information. For details on member privacy, please view our privacy policy.
I have other questions about MODSOnline.com. Who can I contact?

You can contact the website admistrators simply by sumbitting your questions / comments through our contact form. Someone usually responds within the same day.

General questions and mapping / modding questions should be submitted to the forums.

Can I have a specific username?

You get to register almost any username you want with two conditions:

  • The username has not already been register to another member
  • The username does not contain non-alphanumeric characters. Some of those ascii characters cause problems with our system and will be rejected by the registration process.

If a username has been registered but the account has not been confirmed within two days, it will become available again.

I registered my account and received a confirmation email a few days ago, but it won't let me confirm my account now.
Unconfirmed accounts are deleted after two days. You will have to register again.
How do I add my tutorials to this site?

We welcome the addition of any tutorials you are interested in submitting. However, we can only accept tutorials from the author. We don't want get in trouble for posting unauthorized tutorials. 

If you are adding a TEXT tutorial, then first post it in the appropriate forum on this site. Once posted, send an administrator an email letting them know that the tutorial has been posted and can now be added to the Tutorials section of the site.

If you are adding a VIDEO tutorial, start by uploading the video to our Downloads section. Make sure it has been zipped along with any additional files that you want to include. Once uploaded, send an administrator an email letting them that the tutorial has been uploaded and can now be added to the Tutorials section of the site. 

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