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Posting Rules


Why are there Rules?

While we encourage people to ask questions and to participate in the discussions, there are some comments that are in bad taste and drive people away. We want our long-time members to feel comfortable and new users to feel welcome. For these reasons, we have rules that our administrators and moderators uphold.

Quick rules:

  1. No warez or other non-copyrighted materials are to be solicited. We can get in just as much trouble as you for allowing posts about warez to exist, only the officials know where they can find us.
  2. No spam. Don't solicit your products or services if they are unrelated to the site and/or topic of discussion. I'm sure there are millions of other people you can ask to help you get your money out of Africa.
  3. No off-site solicitation. In some forums areas, we have created a special forum category called 'off-site links'. Please use these categories if you think your topic falls into this subject lest your topic be deleted at a moderators discretion. Any posts that conflicts with other advertisers of this site will be deleted. Offsite solicitation may fall into these categories:
    1. Advertising - a post for the sake of linking to another website. This type of post appears to not answer questions nor contain value to the forum topic or category. An example would be, "Come to my site for more downloads of game maps and mods."
    2. Trafficing- a post that requires a visitor to visit yet another site for the answer to their question when it would have been just as easy to copy and post the answer with proper credit to the author. If you have the time to post the exact link to a page that is not affiliated with this site, then is it assumed you have the time to copy and paste the results of that page here to save everyone time from having to click yet another link to another site.
  4. Don't post cheats or hacks. Many of our members have enough trouble dealing with cheaters and hackers in-game. We don't want to have to deal with it in-site as well.
  5. Watch those spoilers. If you are going to post a spoiler, please make it clear that you are doing so BEFORE we read it. You might have finished that part of the game, but we all haven't.
  6. Use of unauthorized scripts or similar website coding is cause for deletion and possible account suspension. Use of JavaScript or other tactics that cause unwarranted website effects will be treated as spam.
  7. Attention getting behavior for the sake of getting attention is discouraged. If you have a question or you want to be recognized, participate in the discussions. This includes overuse of the CAPS-lock.
  8. Moderators are here to help in the forums. If they want to be contacted privately, they will let you know. Please do not email, private message (PM) otherwise personally contact the moderators of the forums for such things that could be asked in the forums. If you have a site issue that needs immediate attention, contact an administrator instead.
  9. Abusive behavior toward anyone on the site will not be tolerated. If abusive behavior is suspected, please contact the website administrator who will see to it that action is taken. Said action may be the banning of any person or group and is the sole discression of the adminsitrator to decide what behavior is considered abusive and what action is to be taken.

As much as I don't think it should be necessary, sometimes it is...

Expanded Rules:

  1. You may not put down, talk badly, flame, etc. other members of this site. Doing so will result in deletion of your post, possible warning of your poor behavior and/or banning from this site. Deletion is our method of telling you and others that we don't want to see such nonsense in these forums. We are friendly and civilized. If you can't be civilized, then you do not belong here.
  2. If you have a problem with a post or person on this site, contact an administrator. You may contact a moderator in an effort to resolve the matter more quickly, however contacting admin@modsonline.com (or using our contact form) will directly message an administrator who will act according to these rules. Please, allow us to deal with the problems of this site.
  3. If you have a personal issue with another member of the site, try contacting them personally. Send them a respectful private message explaining your position in an attempt to resolve the matter. If this does not resolve the matter, please contact an administator for further assistance.
  4. We reserve the right to delete posts that appear offensive or off-topic. If a post has the likely hood of causing others to break these rules, it will be deleted. We are not censoring your posts, but rather keeping the topics on track and free (as possible) from poor behavior.
  5. We reserve the right to edit posts in place of deleting them altogether if part of a post seems relavent to the topic.
  6. Moderators have been instructed to act on these rules as set forth above. When a moderator is uncertain, they are asked to contact an administrator with the details of the infraction so that they may act as they see fit in accordance with these rules set forth.

Failure to follow the rules above will result in the deletion of your post and could also result in the suspension of your account. Refunds on suspended accounts will be denied.

We reserve the right to change these rules as we see fit without notice. Please refer back to this rules page if you have any questions about what you are posting. Please also review the privacy policy for this site.

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