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Main discussion regarding the MODSonline.com website.
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Author Topic: MODSonline best of 2009 NOMINATIONS & VOTING
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Since: Mar 30, 2006
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Last: Dec 27, 2010
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Level 2
Category: MODSonline
Posted: Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2009 11:56 am
1. The game that I have most trouble with is Half Life 2. It often crashes for no obvious reason. Yes, I'm on Vista, but, in general, I have no problems with it - it's actually been a lot more stable than XP ever was for me.

2. Longest delayed would have to be Episode 3 (though it'll probably crash my computer if it ever comes out - see above.)

3. Biggest let down - learning there were no dedicated servers in MW2.

4. Most plotless: MW2 - I haven't bought it, but have (ahem) acquired a copy that let me play the single player. I still haven't quite worked out the storyline.

5. Most bought but unplayed. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Just can't get into it.

6. Haven't played with any editors recently, but from an outsider's point of view this would probably go to Cod:WAW.

7. I don't really pay attention to advertising so can't really answer this one.

8. Will have to pass on this one too.

9. Crysis is probably still the most demanding game I have.

10. I don't play console games, but probably any FPS. Or was the question supposed to be Console to PC? If so the Need For Speed: Shift demo was almost unplayable on a PC (by me at least). The menu was awful (I had to search the internet to find out how to exit the game without Ctrl-Alt-Del'ing) and mapping the controls to my gamepad (trying to control things with keyboard/mouse was next to impossible) didn't seem to stick between plays . I deleted it.

11. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising (for the brief time I played it) frustrated me a lot. You play through a level, just get used to the weapons, then on the next level have a totally different loadout.

12 Probably MW2.

13. MW2 (see 4).
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General Member
Since: Feb 23, 2008
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Last: Jan 3, 2011
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Level 4
Category: MODSonline
Posted: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009 05:05 am
list is only of games that I have played

most system/game causing crashes - MW2
longest delayed - MW2
biggest let down - MW2
most plotless- MW2
most bought but unplayed - UT3
most moddable - TF2
most/worst advertising - MW2
best sleeper hit - borderlands
most demanding on your system specs - MW2
worst PC to Console game - MW2
most frustrating - CoDWaW
Game-That-is-at-the-Top-of-every-Most-Played-Game-List-even-though-it-shouldn't MW2
most puzzling nonpuzzle game - CoDWaW
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Level 8
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Im a fan of MODSonair
Category: MODSonline
Posted: Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2009 01:35 pm
1. most system/game causing crashes - Empire Total War
2. longest delayed - Starcraft 2
3. biggest let down - Modern Warfare 2
4. most plotless - Left 4 Dead 2
5. most bought but unplayed - Modern Warfare 2
6. most moddable - Team Fortress 2
7. most/worst advertising - Modern Warfare 2
8. best sleeper hit - no vote
9. most demanding on your system specs - Crysis
10. worst PC to Console game - Modern Warfare 2
11. most frustrating - Modern Warfare 2 SP
12. Game-That-is-at-the-Top-of-every-Most-Played-Game-List-even-though-it-shouldn't - Modern Warfare 2
13. most puzzling nonpuzzle game - Arma 2. Guns, vehicles, controls, are hard.
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