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Importing a Model
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I will explain you how I did make a model work in-game. I made a model of arms. In the following steps you have to do the exact same thing I do. So use the same names I use. If you don’t do that it all good end up into s***. Thanks to Jouke Jan Timmermans for this tutorial.
Remember this is a tutorial, an example.

Before we really start: make 3 new folders in your COD2 folder and name these, “modelskins”, “models” and “snapshots”.

1. Make a square box in MAYA 6. Save the model in your models folder we made and name the model “box1”. Keep Maya 6 and the model open.

2. Make the UV’s of the box.

3. Make a snapshot. Name it box. And as a .jpg file. Size: 512x512. Save the snapshot in the “snapshots” folder.

4. Go to Photoshop or another paint program.

5. Make a new layer and play around with same filter functions to make a nice skin for the model.

6. Save and name the skin as “box” in the “modelskins” folder (remember the name of the skin). And save it as a .jpg or .dds

7. Go back to MAYA 6 where you have your “box1” model.

8. Assign the skin you made.

9. If you have done that you need to save the model. After saving just hold MAYA 6 open.

Now you have to export the model.

10. Select the entire model.

11. Click on COD tool and then Model Exporter (this will deselect your model)

12. In the option screen click on "add new entry".

13. Browse to COD2 folder>model_export and give it the name “box1”

14. Check the option "entry 1"

15. Select the model again.

16. Click on "export selected entries".

Now you have exported your model.

The next thing is to make .gdt files with Asset Manager.

17. Open up Asset Manager.

18. Select material.

19. Then name = “box”

20. Press new entry and in the white beam there you will see the name “box” and press ok.

21. For Materialtype I used : world phong.

22. SurfaceType depends on what kind of model you made. Lets say “metal”, select that.

23. Scroll down in Asset Manager and you will see there “Color map”. Press the button behind it and select your skin from the folder modelskins.

24. The rest of the options are not very important in your status of being modeller.

25. Save the file in the model_export folder in the COD2 folder. And name it “box”

26. Ones you have saved it go to file>new.

27. Select xmodel.

28. Then name = “box1”

29. Press new entry and in the white beam there you will see the name “box1” and press ok.

30. Type of the model is rigid.

31. Press the button behind filename.

32. Select your “box1” model in the model_export folder in the COD2 folder.

33. The rest of all the options in Asset Manager under xmodel are not necessary for this tutorial.

34. Then go to file>save and save it as “box1”

Just between the last part and the following part. The name of the model is “box1” and the name of the skin is “box”.

35. With Asset Manager still open go to file>new.

36. Go to file>open and open the “box.gdt” file. (the skin)

37. In the big white area you will see your skin name “box”.

38. Click it ones.

39. Then go to PC Convert>Current Asset Only.

40. Hopefully it wont give any errors.

41. If the converting is done go to file>new.

42. Go to file>open and open the “box1.gdt” file. (the model)

43. In the big white area you will see your model name “box1”.

44. Click it ones.

45. Then go to PC Convert>Current Asset Only.

46. Hopefully it wont give also this time no errors.

47. If the converting is done close Asset Manager.

48. Open up Radiant.

49. Make a little multiplayer map (I assume you can do that). Make worldspawn settings in a fashion so you have much light.

50. Go to misc>model and select your model. Now your model appears.

51. Get spawn points in your map and a global intermission.

52. Save your map and compile it.

53. After compiling open COD2.

54. In COD2 menu bring up the console.

55. In the console type the key “sv_pure 0”

56. Then “map yourmapname”

57. Play and test it.

I hope after this tutorial it will work. Let me know.

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