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Welcome Nerski, our new Starcraft 2 broadcaster

Posted by GeeteeL in Gaming News on Jul 25, 2011

We're excited to announce our new Starcraft 2 broadcaster Nerski, he will be taking care of the youtube channel and posting videos of some of the best SC2 players in the world and shoutcasting them for the whole community to get into the SC2 scene some more.

Here is a little run down of what Nerski plans to do with modsonline and his future videos! MODSonline Youtube

"Gaming in general has always been a passion of mine. I started back in the wee days of atari and pong, moving onward enjoying myself as every new game came along. Eventually I got into PC gaming and that slowly became what I enjoyed the most.

In the late 90's through about 2009 I got heavily into the esports side of online racing. Ran some sponsored teams, competeded and enjoyed it all myself. All the while I enjoyed doing community content be it broadcasts, tutorials, or what not all basically just for fun.

Come summer of 2010 I decided it was time for a change and with my team in online racing closed up, I moved into starcraft 2. I immediately was drawn to the entertainment end and just how much the community enjoyed broadcasts of sc2 games, learning content, shows the whole deal. With my background in doing these types of things I've gotten heavily into producing content for the communities.

I of course as well still love checking out other PC and Console games, playing black ops, rift, WoW, CS:S, Portal, and soon SWTOR."

As you can tell by watching his videos he does spend a lot of time playing and watching the game, so if you need to learn anything about SC2 you can go to Nerski, he's gonna be around the modson forums a lot and you can ask him any other questions at nerskisc@gmail.com

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