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Doom Modification

Posted by foyleman in Gaming News on Mar 8, 2002
A little insight to the DOOM3 modification abilities from the man who helped create Radiant... Robert Duffy. He was interviewed for doom3.cz.

In most cases we are not releasing any information on DOOM. I can say that DOOM is going to be really easy to mod. We have surfaced an extremely powerful scripting system, new gui system, obviously the new rendering architecture as well all the other aspects of the game. Most everything is configured with some sort of scripting so it should give mod makers a really nice set of tools for game making.

All of the tools (editor, bsp, etc. ) are built into the same .exe as the game so if you have the game you have all the tools we used to make the game apart from obvious things like Maya, Photoshop and other 3rd party tools.

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