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Author Topic: Source Engine Movie Making Guide
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Category: Source General Gaming
Posted: Monday, Apr. 6, 2009 03:45 am
Hello, there has been many questions around and not all of them being answered, I'm making an in-depth tutorial for capturing your clips in great fps.

Step 1) Record a demo: Open console and type 'record whatevernamehere'

Step 2) Once you have your demo recorded and what you want in your clip, type stop. Exit your game

Step 3) Get Virtual Dub (http://www.virtualdub.org/download.html) Make a folder named vdub or whatever you want and drag the files that you downloaded into there.

Step 4) Enter your game again. Type in console: playdemo yourdemoname.

Step 5) Once you do that, bring up your demoui (Shift+F2) and click pause.

Step 6) This is the crucial part. What do you want to record your video at? 30 fps, 60, 100, 2000? The general setting for amateur movie making is 60 or 100.

Step 7) Type in console: host_framerate 60 (or whatever fps you want) NOTE: The higher the FPS the more space will be taken up.

Step 8) In console type startmovie yourmoviename, than press Play then Shift+f2 to remove demoui. Yes, it will look slow and laggy, it's supposed to. It's taking that video and taking 60 HQ screenshots per second. Once you got the footage you want, type endmovie or just close your game.

Step 9) Open up Virtual Dub.exe

Step 10) Go to file > open video file, then navigate to your game folder, for TF2 it would be (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf) For CSS it would also be similar.

Step 11) Click the first TGA, It will look like yourname0000.tga, make sure at the bottom to select to link the pictures.

Step 12) Go to Video > Frame Rate, than put whatever FPS you did record with, if they do not match up it will cause you problems later on.

Step 13) Go to File > Save AVI, name it whatever you want. This will also be a long process.

Step 14) Once rendered, you can watch it. If it's high fps it will not play right beacuse it's such a big file, and it isn't compressed.

Step 15) Open your video up in your preferred video editor. I am using Sony Vegas 8.0. If you want to lineup the sound, the sound file will also be in the same folder as the TGAs. I use the following settings in Vegas for my videos.

Of course the framesize depends on your game's resolution along with the FPS you recorded at.

If you have any questions feel free to PM, email me, or post here and I will be glad to help.

Here are a few videos I did with these settings:

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