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Category: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
General, mapping, modeling, scripting, etc. game questions, comments and chat.
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Author Topic: Mapping Tricks
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Category: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
Posted: Monday, Feb. 6, 2006 07:48 pm
On the RavenGames forums I posted a question directed to ravens mapping team that worked on Jedi academy. However, i was directed to here by a post in my thread at ravengames http://www.ravengames.com/board....st83708

This was what i posted there.


First Id like to say that im fully aware that this question 1. will not be answered by who I would like and 2. Probobly wont be answered by Raven at all

I am a mapper, and after talking to experts on many mapping resources i have been unable to explain a mystery envolving fog, and the Raven MP map ffa1, vjun sentinal.

In Vjun Sentinal the fog at the bottemless pit fades from the top *completly transperent* to complete opacity *bottem*. When i apply there fog shader, or any other fog shader following the exact peramters, The effect is nothing like what is found in ffa1.

I narrowed the reasons for this down to a issue while compiling. Ravens mappers compiled ffa1 using q3map2 2.5.5 (at that time, im taking it was the latest, and the BSP says what compiler is used). They eaither used some custom compile switch to create this fog effect, or they edited the fog in some other way. I would LOVE to know how this works, since no one I have talked to seems to know.

Heres a example of the fog, that i am talking about.

FIrst a picture of Vjun sentinals perfect fog:

Here is a picture of my fog, exact shader *different fog color*:
^^See where my fog ends, there is a visible line? I want where that is to be transperent, and for it to fade down to pure white at the bottem.
So, I understand I probobly wont find out how raven did this fog effect... but, hey, i will give it a shot anyways.

My question is, am i posting in the right place now? And is it possible to find any explination? Thank you.
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