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Forum: All Forums : Soldier of Fortune
Category: SoFII Mapping
Mapping, modeling, scripting, skinning and all forms of editing for the game Soldier of Fortune II
Moderators: foyleman, Foxhound, Mystic, StrYdeR, batistablr, Welshy, DrBiggzz, supersword
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Author Topic: Please read our FAQ's before posting here for the first time
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Category: SoFII Mapping
Posted: Thursday, Jun. 19, 2003 07:54 am
The answers to many common questions are listed in our FAQ

Additional topics you will want to read:
How to fix GTK-Radiant issues
How to use detail brushes
How to test map performance
Important note on backups
Important note on PK3 bleedthrough
Tips for professional lighting
Tips for better map aesthetics
MPSDK is obsolete

edited on May. 4, 2005 09:54 pm by narc
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MODSonline.com Forums : Soldier of Fortune : SoFII Mapping

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