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Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Release announcements of custom maps and mods and other content related to Call of Duty 2.
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Author Topic: Merciless Mod 2 V3.3 Released
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Category: CoD2 Map + Mod Releases
Posted: Sunday, Jan. 18, 2015 11:45 pm
I'm pleased to announce that Merciless Mod 2 V3.3 has been released. This newer version comes with many new changes, far too many to list. But I will list the major ones.

*Trench Gun is only given to Medic class
*Engineer class is now Officer class
*Medic is only class without landmines
*Artillery given to Support class
*Drum PPSH replaces mobile 30 cal on Russian Support
*Extra Grenade slot is now flame grenades and separate slot for Gas Grenade
*Mobile 30 cal and MG34 given 75 rounds to better compete against Drum PPSH
*Sprint given to Mobile 30 cal and Mobile MG34
*Removed Deployable MG's, Sten MK V, MP41, tommygun and MP40II (Dual Mag)
*Mod no longer crashes on Pure due to removal of rotating message
*All gametypes updated to work with new Gas Grenade slot
*Recoil adjustments for Mobile 30 cal
*Removed dead code in _weapons.gsc file
*Removed Sticky Bombs as they were buggy
*Removed TNT as it didn't plant right, and Engineer class is now Officers.
*Officers have access to only unscoped rifles
*Medic class is SMGs and Trench Gun for selection.
*Remove of unneeded sound files from removed weapons.

Btw this is a multiplayer class based realism mod with built in blood mod. It's up for download on a Moddb and will be posted on Modsonline shortly.

Moddb Link:

edited on Jan. 19, 2015 02:25 pm by PlusIce
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