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Compiling Reflections and Building Fast file errors - Help!
Call of Duty 4 : CoD4 MP Mapping
Ema_Tosc writes...Quote:Hi all, I'm new to mod tools and I would learn how to make custom maps for Cod4 MP. When I try to compile reflections the game starts in a weird way and stucks to the main menu. (Look at image1) Instead this is what I get ... [more]
2 3691 Sep 4, 2019 07:41 am
by NITRO76
.map to bsp
Call of Duty : CoD Mapping
hypnotic6 writes...Quote:Cod 1.1 my map .... can anyone help me , idk how to compile my .map file to a bsp and than to a pk3 .. i have tested codpiler and COD Builder but i dont know how it works correctly and i havent found a good instructions... ... [more]
3 2486 Jan 24, 2014 06:10 am
by NITRO76
black checkered textures
Call of Duty : CoD Mapping
tomjr writes...Quote:I made a custom map with custom textures but all the custom textures are just black checkered textures in game. In Radiant they show up fine but not in game. Replies are appreciated. Hi there...hope this helps...custom textures mus... [more]
5 1890 Nov 3, 2011 12:22 pm
by NITRO76
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