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Hey Dudes... Here i´ve made a little video tutorial how to use the Curry plug in SoF2. Thx for watching. 
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Today i´ve made a little Sof2 Portal camera Videotutorial. Hope that will helps all the mappers a little. In this Archive is the Movie, ... more 
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Hi there here is my next sof2 videotut called LightFX 1. Why numer #1 ? Tomorrow i have a 2nd LightFX Tutorial for you ! Watch out for.. This archiv... more 
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RealTV..hmmm i mean thats an animation on a TV-Screen, its looks like a real TV.... But i must warn you, this tutorial contains material for Adults ... more 
Downloaded 32 times
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Hey here i am again with a new Video tutorial. In this Video i will show you how to mapping a full working Elevator. This archive contains the video ... more 
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It seems to me the like the site is completely dead?

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