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Models in Your Map
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Learn how to place any of those 1012 stock models available for use in Call of Duty maps.
How to Insert Models in CoD Radiant

Thanks to Shoot for the work put into this tutorial.

There are 1012 stock models available for use in Call of Duty Maps......But Where?

The models are in the xmodel folder inside the pak0.pk3 file inside the Call of DutyMain folder.
You need to extract the xmodel folder and place it inside the main folder - when you finished you should have a folder called xmodel inside your main folder with 1012 models inside it.

Ok now how to use them in radiant....

To insert a model in your map follow these steps:
1. Right click approximately where in the map you want your model to be.
2. From the drop down list choose Misc...then select Model
3. An entity window will appear and behind that an open dialog box will appear that displays the contents of the xmodel folder you extracted previously. You can just move both windows apart to be able to see them both because you will need them both.
4. Select the model you want by clicking o­n it. For example click o­n tree_tallspruce
5. The model you selected will now show up as a red box. Where is my model?...relax
6. In the entity window you will see the that the entity key: model now has a value which is the path of your model file. Well this may be the path to the file o­n your machine but not the path the game is looking for -
You need to edit the value c:/program files/call of duty/main/xmodel/tree_tallspruce to be xmodel/tree_tallspruce
7. After editing the value press enter and the new path will apply.
8. Press the N key to close the entity window and set the position of you model.

That is the basic get the model to show in your map portion of this tutorial.

A common question that comes about is how do I rotate a model, it wont point the direction I want it to...yes it will
Angle Key
You need to add the following key to the model entity
key: angles
value: 0 0 0

The value "0 0 0" stands for angle to rotate to (xz xy yz)
Just change the values to get it to rotate the direction you want. For example:
angles = 0 180 0
This would rotate the model 180 degrees o­n the xy axis - the gun or object would face the opposite way of the default "0 0 0"
The other o­nes rotate the model up or down o­n its axis.

Model Scale Key
Want to make a model bigger or smaller - well you can - right in radiant and you can see exactly where it will fit.
Keep in mind that if you make something unrealistic large it will look unrealistic.

You need to add the following key to the model entity
key: modelscale
value: ##

The value ## stands for the % of scale modification in a decimal form. For example:
1 = 100% no modification of scale
.5 = 50%
.75 = 75%
1.1 = 110%
1.35 = 135%

Lighting Pre Calc Key
This key is o­n almost all the misc_models inside the stock bsp files - I dont know exactly what it does but I speculate its a pre calculation for lighting color - this is o­nly a speculation and I dont want to be held to it!!!!!

You need to add the following key to the model entity
key: lightingPrecalc
value: 0 0 0

The value "0 0 0" most likely stands for the color - or RGB (red green blue) with the values acting as a percentage of each color from a scale of 0 to 255.
For example:
"0 0 0" Black - rgb= "0 0 0"
"1 1 1" White - rgb= "255 255 255"
".164 .380 .996" Bright Blue rgb= "42 97 254"

I dont know the results of this key exactly - I havent tried any compiles with it yet at the time of this tutorial - I am sure more will come out about it soon.

Clipping Models
When placing a model with this method it will not be solid....you can walk right thru it. You will need to add a clip texture to the model.
The clip textures are in the common texture folder in your texture set in radiant.
Create brushes that are close to the shape of the model you have and texture them with o­ne of the clip textures - I dont know what they all do yet but they are there!!! More o­n the clip textures later.

Prefabs and Collmaps
Call of Duty has a folder called collmaps - not sure what that means but it contains map files of some of the models with the clips already there. You can go into them and check them out but what do you do with them.....Make prefabs out of them.
1. Be sure you have a prefabs folder inside your main folder in call of duty
2. Open the collmap model file you want to make a prefab out of.
3. Select everything in the map
4. Choose the Edit menu
5. Choose Save Selection as Prefab
6. In you map that you want to use the prefab... Choose the Edit menu - then Load Prefab and choose the o­ne you just created.
7. This will load the prefab which includes the model and the clip texure for it into your map.

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