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stock way of creating the fog
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this is the stock way to create fog for your cod WaW maps using vision and art "createateart" .gsc"s

there are many ways to create fog, but only one gives you the stock base fog that you see in airfield, makin, zombie maps, and so on
some use expfog , volfog, which forces your fog on the map ,
the stock way allows you to make a floor, mid ,and ceiling, settings,
 as well as, set depth ,thickness of each

first make your self a vision file ,and name it mp_mapname.vision, and place it in raw/vision
put in your csv     rawfile,vision/mp_mapname.vision
here is a common vision file

r_glow                    "1"
r_glowRadius0             "5"
r_glowRadius1             "0"
r_glowBloomCutoff         "0.260564"
r_glowBloomDesaturation   "0"
r_glowBloomIntensity0     "0.65"
r_glowBloomIntensity1     "0"
r_glowSkyBleedIntensity0  "0"
r_glowSkyBleedIntensity1  "0"
r_filmEnable              "1"
r_filmContrast            "1.6"
r_filmBrightness          "0.34"
r_filmDesaturation        "0.175"
r_filmInvert              "0"
r_filmLightTint           "0.930 0.8676 0.754"
r_filmDarkTint            "0.315 0.299 0.275"

r_reviveFX_enable       "0"
r_reviveFX_contrastEdge    "0"
r_reviveFX_brightnessEdge   "0"
r_reviveFX_desaturationEdge  "0"
r_reviveFX_darkTintEdge    "1 1 1"
r_reviveFX_lightTintEdge   "1 1 1"
r_reviveFX_blurRadiusEdge   "0"
r_reviveFX_motionblurWeight  "0"
r_reviveFX_contrastCenter   "0"
r_reviveFX_brightnessCenter  "0"
r_reviveFX_desaturationCenter "0"
r_reviveFX_darkTintCenter   "1 1 1"
r_reviveFX_lightTintCenter  "1 1 1"

second we want to make a art.gsc
name it  mp_mapname_art.gsc
and put it in
add this to your csv

in here are all the settings for fog , you can ajust any thing to you own

//_createart generated.  modify at your own risk. Changing values should be fine.

 level.tweakfile = true;
 //* Fog section *

 setdvar("scr_fog_exp_halfplane", "808.57");
 setdvar("scr_fog_exp_halfheight", "100");
 setdvar("scr_fog_nearplane", "200");
 setdvar("scr_fog_red", "0.52");
 setdvar("scr_fog_green", "0.49");
 setdvar("scr_fog_blue", "0.384");
 setdvar("scr_fog_baseheight", "50");

 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakEnable", "0");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakRadius0", "5");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakRadius1", "");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomCutoff", "0.5");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomDesaturation", "0");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomIntensity0", "1");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakBloomIntensity1", "");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakSkyBleedIntensity0", "");
 setdvar("visionstore_glowTweakSkyBleedIntensity1", "");

 setVolFog(400, 1600.57, 100, 50, 0.50, 0.49, 0.421, 0);


// setVolFog(, , , , , , , )

set the dvar setting to your own "you can check the stock files to see different settings you will find them in
raw/maps/mp/createart folder

now add this line to  your map gsc and compile


be sure to change mapname to yours

 by COL.MAC and the modsonline team 

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