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Making a Custom Texture for COD World At War
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Ok this Tut will show you how to make a custom image for your maps

What i have done and it works is:

Make your file in Photoshop i have used 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 they have to be multiples of 4 and a fair size so that they look good in game.

Save it as a .TGA file 24bits/pixel (which is default selected) to your desktop

Once you have saved this go to your desktop and right click your file and select "cut"

Now navigate to your World At War folder > Raw > images and "paste" it in there.

Once you have done this open Launcher.exe and then click the button for Asset Manager (3rd one down) once that is open scroll down to Material on the left and then click new entry. Then put the name of your "texture"

A lot of options should now pop open on the right hand side you only need to change the following:

Surface Type I use wood so that when people shoot it it leaves the holes in it but you can chose any type you want so that your new texture will act in this way
Usage this is where it will be in Radiant
Locales -

colour Map - Select the open box and browse to the place you saved your .tga file (World At War folder > Raw > images) then click on your file and then open.

Now you have done this go to the top - File > Save As

Save it as the same file name as your .tga file but this time save it to this location:
World At War folder > Source Data - It should save as a .gdt file

then at the top select PC convert > Current Asset Only

You should then get a black box appear and then it will convert your image to a .iwi file.


Now to package this with your maps you need to make a .iwd file in your mp_yourmapname folder

inside your mp_yourmapname folder you should have:

localized_mp_yourmapname.ff & mp_yourmapname.ff

Make a new folder in there called mp_yourmapname then inside that new folder make a new folder called images then navigate to World At War folder > Raw > images and right click on your .iwi file and select "copy" now go back to the new folder you just made and then right click and select "paste"
This will place a copy of that file in the new images folder for you. Now go back to your screen where you see

localized_mp_yourmapname.ff / mp_yourmapname.ff with the folder mp_yourmapname

right click on the folder mp_yourmapname and select (compress .zip)

Once this is zipped up you need to change the extension from .zip to .iwd and Vollia you are done.

When you release your map you should now have your texture showing instead of a white box.

any questions please ask


Thanks to Rephlex @ www.rephlexmaps.com for your help on this one

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