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CoD Mapping
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Inserting an Xmodel
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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to add xmodel’s into your map

These are models used by the game and can be found in pak0. If you have pakscape, it makes this a lot easier. You can download it here

1st we need to add a misc/model entity to the map, You can do this by right clicking on the 2D View and selecting misc then model, see below



A load item dialogue box should now pop up along with the entity editor. Unless you have custom xmodels ignore the dialogue box by pressing cancel, instead go to the entity editor. From the list below select which model you would like to add. Type into the entity editor

Key: model

Value: xmodel/nameofxmodel

And press enter; the model should now be entered into the map

For this tutorial I will use the 105mm Shell Model as an example. See below


Where Do I find the list of xmodels?

If you have pakscape you can open pak0 and go into the xmodel folder and see the list of available xmodels. You can download pakscape here. You can then use it to open any of the pk3’s in the cod main folder. For xmodels you need to open pak0 and locate the folder named xmodels, here you can then see all the xmodels from the game.

Hope this helps


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