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Making a rank mod
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United offensive comes with a new and very cool feature, a rank system in multiplayer. And of course, any feature of a game can be modded. So here we go.

Step 1:

First off, we need to extract the original rank file. Go to the CoD main directory in your computer. The default is C:program filescall of duty. In there is a folder called uo. Open it.

Ok, if you have Pakscape, go to part A. If don't, go to part B.


In the uo folder is a pk3 file called pakuo01.pk3. Open it, then go to maps, mp, gametypes. In there is a file called _rank_gmi.gsc. Open it up using notepad. Minimise it, but NO NOT close it.


In the uo folder is a file called pakou01.pk3. Select it, and copy it. Now minimise the folder, and paste the file onto your desktop. Now, change the name of the file to pakuo01.zip (if you set up radient using this mehtod, it should all be familiar). Now open up the zip file, and go to maps, mp, gametypes. In there there is a file called _rank_gmi.gsc. Open it up using notepad, and minimise it. DO NOT close it.

Step 2:

Now we need to create an alternate diredtory for our mod. Go back to the CoD main folder, and create a new folder. Name it what you mod will ba called. In that folder, create a new .zip file. Call it anything you like. Also create a folder called maps. In that folder create a folder called mp, and in that folder, a folder called gametypes (is this folder sequence looking familiar?). In the gametypes folder, create a new text document using notepad and open it.

Now, go back to the _rank_gmi file, hit Ctrl+a, then Ctrl+c to copy the entire file. Then paste it into your new text document. We now have an alternate rank file.

Step 3:

Now to mod the rank file. If you look at the file, the developers have left some helpful comments (what nice people). Anyway, the file is very big, but we only have to worry about the first bit.

So, at the top of the file is a bit from the developers to remind them what the file is.

The next 2 paragraphs comprise of lines looking like

game["br_headicons_allies_0"] = "">gfx/hud/headicon@us_rank1.dds";

They define the way the screen display changes to when the rank does. Unfortunatly, I do not know how to mod these.

Anyway, continuing down the file, the next part we get to is a set of instruction that look like

game["br_points_objective"] = 5;

These define the amount of points a player will recieve for doing certain things. I don't know what the first two mean, but for the rest the developers have left some nice hints as to what they do. The number of points gained or lost for doing certain things can be changed by changing the number.
So, if I want to change the number of points a player gets for killing an opposing player form 1 to 2, I would change the lines saying

if(!isdefined(game["br_points_kill"])) // Getting a kill
game["br_points_kill"] = 1;


if(!isdefined(game["br_points_kill"])) // Getting a kill
game["br_points_kill"] = 2;

Continuing down the file, the next command says

if(getCvar("scr_rank_ppr") == "")
setCvar("scr_rank_ppr", "10");
game["br_ppr"] = getCvarInt("scr_rank_ppr");

Ok, this bit is a bit hard to understand, but here we go.
The 10 defines what I will call the base rank number. What does that mean? Read on to fund out.

Moving on, the next part looks something like

game["br_rank_1"] = game["br_ppr"] * 1;

The *1 a the end defines how many times the base rank number we defined eirlier must be gained to gain a rank. So if it is *2, and the rank number is 5, the player must gain gain 10 points to get the rank. *3 would need 15 points, and so on.

These numbers can, of course be changed.

Next, and lastly for this document, is a set of commands that looks something like

game["br_ammo_gunclips_0"] = 4;
game["br_ammo_gunclips_1"] = 4;
game["br_ammo_gunclips_2"] = 5;
game["br_ammo_gunclips_3"] = 5;
game["br_ammo_gunclips_4"] = 6;

These define what the player actually gets at each rank. Each line represents the one rank. So for the example, at level one the player receives 4 ammo clips, and at level five, 6 ammo clips.

The first set of five is the number of primary gun clips. The second set is the number of pistol clips, the third is the number of grenades, the fourth, the number of smoke greandes, and the fith is the number of satchel charges. The number at the end of the line is changed according to what you want.

BE AWARE. I believe that at level five the player has the maximum of everything. So a player can never have 7 clips of primary ammunition, or 2 satchel charges.

Step 4:

Now go to save as on the text file and save it as _rank_gmi.gsc. You also need to change the drop down menu from text to all files.

If you now quit it and look at the folder it is saved in (gametypes) it should be a .gsc file. If it is a text file, then you have gone wrong.

Anyway, go back a few folders unitll you get to your mod folder. It should have a .zip file and the maps folder. Now, drag the maps folder into the .zip file. The .zip file should change size from 0kb to something higher. Now you want to rename the .zip file to pakuo01.pk3. Again, the type of file should change from .zip to .pk3.

Step 5:

Now, in the mod folder, you can also add any other weapon mods you want.

To use the mod, go into CODUO mulitplayer, and on the main menu, go to Mods, select the mod you want, and click launch. Then, start a game, but make sure it is NOT PURE.

And there you have it!!


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