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Adding Rain Effects
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This is a very short and simple tutorial for adding rain effects to a CoDUOMP map. This tutorial require no modifying to the .map at all.
To prevent lagg and the game draw efx over the whole map, we are going to 'spawn' the rain in front of the actual player.

First you need to create a new .gsc file, and then your need the following script, so just copy and paste it into the new .gsc:

     level thread teh_rain();


    zufall = RandomInt(100);        
    while(1) {
        players = getentarray("player", "classname");        
        if(players.size > 0) {
            max_nodes         = 20;
            max_nodes_per_player     = max_nodes/players.size;
            for(ii=0;ii<max_nodes_per_player;ii++) { 
                for(i = 0; i < players.size; i++) {
                    player = players[i];
                    if(isAlive(player)) {
                        x= 350-randomfloat(700);
                        y= 350-randomfloat(700);                    
                            pos = player.origin +(x,y,200) ;                        
                            trace = bulletTrace(pos,pos +(0,0,-250), true, undefined);
                            if(trace["fraction"] != 1) playfx(level.the_rain,trace["position"]);                
                            wait 0.05;
        wait 0.05;

Now lets save this as rain.gsc

2) Next step is to load the rain effects, so somewhere in 'yourmap.gsc' add the following line:

= loadfx

You will also need to add another line to 'yourmap.gsc'

So yourmap.gsc should look something like this:

	setCullFog (0, 16050, .54, .56, .50, 0);
	setExpFog (0.00015, .36, .39, .42, 0 );
	ambientPlay("some tunes");

game["layoutimage"] = "my piccy";

level thread mapsmp\_tankdrive_gmi::main();
	level thread mapsmp\_jeepdrive_gmi::main();
	level thread mapsmp\_flak_gmi::main();

level.the_rain = loadfx ("fx/atmosphere/chateau_rain.efx");

ain::main(); //calls rain efx

game["allies"] = "russian";
	game["axis"] = "german";

game["russian_soldiertype"] = "veteran";
	game["russian_soldiervariation"] = "normal";
	game["german_soldiertype"] = "wehrmacht";
	game["german_soldiervariation"] = "normal";

game["attackers"] = "allies";
	game["defenders"] = "axis";

And you all done. So simple ah?

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