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Adding a usable FlakVierling to your mp map
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 lauramaegan shows you how to get a working flakvierling in your mp map

So ....... You think you want to add a working Flakvierling to your to your multiplayer map.

Well I'm about to tell you how to do it. And even give you the files that you need to make it work!

This is going to be easier than you think.

So let's get started:

First let's cover the mapping part:


Right click in the 2d window and select script->vehicle


Check the usable box.

Enter the following key and value.

key: model

value: xmodel/artillery_flakvierling


Enter the following key and value.

key: vehicletype

value: Flakvierling


Enter the following key and value.

key: targetname

value: flak1


Place it where it can strike fear into the hearts and minds of the unlucky souls who are unfortunate enough

to find themselves downrange.

That's it for the mapping part. Easy isn't it?

Now compile it.


Now on to the scripting and file placement. (Proper file structure is a tutorial in itself)


You should have 6 folders here:








In the maps folder there should be a folder named mp

In the mp folder goes:




This example has the .map file in it also. (this is not required)


In youmapname.gsc add the following lines:

level thread maps\mp\_tankdrive_gmi::main();

level thread maps\mp\_jeepdrive_gmi::main();

level thread maps\mp\_flak_gmi::main();

flak = getent("flak1","targetname");// Without this it does not work!!

flak maps\mp\_flakvierling::init();// Without this it does not work!!


In the soundaliases folder is yourmapname.csv.

Add the following:




In the soundloadspecs folder is a folder named mp

In the mp folder is yourmapname.csv.

Add the following to the .csv:



( yourmapname replaces test2 )

Make sure that you have the rest of the stock .csv's called out so that all of your sounds work properly.


In the vehicles folder is a file named Flakvierling.


In the weapons folder is another folder named mp.

In the mp folder goes a file named Flakvierling_turret


All of the files that you need are in the test map that is available for download here

The .map file is included in the .pk3. Feel free to tear it apart and see how it works.

 Of note:

This is NOT perfect But it does work  

You can set your server to PURE !!!!

 There are a couple of bugs that I know of:

1) You can not destroy the Flakvierling. ( The player can be killed. )

2) The sight picture when you use it is messed up unless you are looking down the sights (Right click).

3) "Use flakvierling" shows up as Unlocalized.

4) The player is attached to the model when using it like the player is firing a machine gun in the standing position. (looks kind of odd)

 Most of all HAVE FUN !!!

Hope this helps someone.




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