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Rotating FX (Lighthouse)
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Sgt_Skywalker shows you how to rotate fx

Sorry if you find errors or if my explanations sound strange. I'm not a native english speaker

Okay, we'll start...
Searching alot for some neat effects like dynamic lights is very frustrating if you map for CoD. The reason for this is: CoD does not support almost any dynamic effect as you know it from Quake 3. Many techniques for implementing effects look quite different. Unfortunately neither Infinity Ward nor Gray Matter present some detail documentation for the use of shaders, effects or any "CoD-specialities". Maybe one day we will get some more info from them *hint-hint* :casanova:
Therefor all the informations in this tutorial were found out by studying the pk3 files that came with the game.

Make a lighthouse:
First we open our map in Graydiant and create a script_model in our world. I use the original xmodel from the SP-map Sicily1. Its called "xmodel/o_br_prp_lhouse_lamp".
You could also create a script_brushmodel. The most important is next to open your entity editor (key "N") while your new script_model / script_brushmodel is still selected.
Add a key "targetname" and give it the value lighthouse_light. This targetname will reappear later in your script file. That's it for Radiant. Save your map and compile it.

For convenience reasons I always create a startup script (e.g. c:call of duty/uo/maps/mp/mymap.gsc) with the following content:

// Made by Sgt. Skywalker

// Copyright 2005

main() {


game["allies"] = "american";

game["axis"] = "german";

game["attackers"] = "axis";

game["defenders"] = "allies";

game["american_soldiertype"] = "airborne";

game["american_soldiervariation"] = "normal";

game["german_soldiertype"] = "german_waffen";

game["german_soldiervariation"] = "normal";


mapsmpmymap_fx::main(); //kick off fx script here


So I have a second script (e.g. c:call of duty/uo/maps/mp/mymap_fx.gsc) where all the interesting stuff happens:

// Made by Sgt. Skywalker

// Copyright 2005



  level._effect["light_beam"] = loadfx ("fx/map_sicily1/v_light_lighthouse.efx");

// which effect will we use

  wait(2); // wait 2 seconds to get some cpu threads

  level thread lighthouse_light(); // call thread "lighthouse_light"


lighthouse_light() // the fx thread


  lighthouse_lights = getentarray("lighthouse_light","targetname");

// create an array of all script_models and script_brushmodels

// which targetname is lighthouse_light

  for ( i = 0; i < lighthouse_lights.size; i++ ) // loop the whole time


    playfxontag( level._effect["light_beam"], lighthouse_lights[i], "tag_light" ); // play fx

    lighthouse_lights thread lighthouse_move(); // call thread lighthouse_light_move

    wait(0.2); // wait 0,2 seconds or it will look silly if 10 lighthouses rotate identically



lighthouse_light_move() // move the fx


  while(1) // yet another loop


    self rotateto((0,45,0),4,1,1); // rotate within 4 seconds by 45 degrees on y-axis

    self waittill("rotatedone"); // wait until the rotation is done

   self rotateto((0,-45,0),4,1,1); // Play it again, Sam

    self waittill("rotatedone"); // yet another waiting time



Syntax of self rotateto((x,y,z),a,b,c):
x = rotate around x-axis
y = rotate around y-axis
z = rotate around z-axis
a = time in secs how long rotation will take
b = time in secs for accelleration
c = time in secs for decelleration

I hope you like it.
sincerely Sgt. Skywalker

Ingame it will look like this:

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