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Basic Curved Pipe
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Create curved pipes in your maps

This tutorial will teach you how to create basic curved pipes.

1. A curved pipe is very easy to create. Start with making a square brush. I made a one with the sides of 8x8x8.

Having the Brush selected go in the menu and chose > Patch > Cylinder. This will make the Brush into a Cylinder Patch.

Now, you might need to Rotate the Cylinder to make it look like in the image below. Do so by pressing R and rotate it with your mouse. When this is done, we'll start to move the Vertices around. To see the Vertices press V. Start by selecting the vertex point in the centre left row and move it to the top vertex in that row.

Now, do exactly the same thing with the vertex in the bottom of that row.

This might look a bit weird, but select the centre vertex in the bottom row to the left so that it'll be aligned with both the top-left vertex and the centre vertex.

Now, move the last vertex in the bottom row all the way to the left so that it's aligned with the ones above it.

And the final touch is to move the far-right vertex in the center row down so that it's straight with the one to it's left and with the one above it. It should look somethings like this.

Now texture the curved cylinder and open up the Surface Inspector and press Natural. that'll make it look nice and not streched out.

Look! you have a very basic curved pipe that you can rotate and flip, to make it fit somewhere into your surroundings. Also to extend the pipe create a new Cylinder the same way as in step 1 and 2, use this one to create the pipes.

This is my finished pipe within CodRadiant:

And this is how it looks ingame!

Now that you finished this basic tutorial, play around with different sizes and stuff.. Experiment and have fun! Happy Mapping :)

Written by m0g


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