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CoD Mapping
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Making an mg42 or ptrs41
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How to add a working mg42 or ptrs41(anti-tank gun) to your map

Making an mg42 or ptrs41


A very simple tutorial to make an mg42 or ptrs41. Please note that mg42 details are in red, ptrs41 are in blue and information that needs to be changed specifically for multiplayer is in yellow.

Simply load up the map you wish to place them into & right click in the XY Top view where you roughly wish to place one.

Select misc - turret

Now press N to open your entity tab. Now enter ONE of the following keypairs.

  • Key: model
  • Value: xmodel/mg42_bipod

  • Key: model
  • Value: xmodel/weapon_antitankrifle

So now if you were making an mg42 your entity tab should look roughly like this:

Now again enter ONE of the following keypairs.

  • Key: weaponinfo
  • Value: mg42_bipod_stand
  • Value: mg42_bipod_stand_mp

  • Key: weaponinfo
  • Value: mg42_bipod_duck
  • Value: mg42_bipod_duck_mp

  • Key: weaponinfo
  • Value: mg42_bipod_prone
  • Value: mg42_bipod_prone_mp

  • Key: weaponinfo
  • Value: PTRS41_antitank_rifle
  • Value: PTRS41_antitank_rifle_mp

So if I were to be making an mg42 for a prone position my entity tab should now look roughly like this:

Your mg42/ptrs41 should now be ready for use, enjoy

Written by KoRnFlakes

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