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Helpful source files for the video tutorial: Adding Bombs

by MMS_Wyatt_Earp


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It works...
Posted by CptCool on Mon. Aug. 6, 2007
Wow, even if that were in English, I don't know that I could follow your train of thought man.

Organize your thoughts before composing a post, and maybe someone could do a good job at fixing whatever the problem is.

Anyway I have compiled Wyatt's example bomb files into a working .pk3 for those of you who cannot figure it out, the files he posted lacked a couple of spawns needed for the Q3 engine to start an SD map. This must be a really really old example he posted.

Get the corrected files at:


Maybe an admin could make this file a local download?

Put the bomb.pk3 in COD/Main, start a local server, choose SD as game type, and select "bomb" from the map list. Enjoy!
Posted by sgtbilkothe3rd on Mon. Nov. 20, 2006
bomb dont work man!!!

i tried ur video thats nice but you need to make it so it zoomable to good viewing so we can what the hell you are typing in there I got most of it down but anyways my biscuit eater is the Bomb Don't Work @ all nil/ not/ never/ nope/no/nada...

trust me if i did a dumb mistake I would not be here freaking out!! but how could I mess up dled both ur vid an sourse files the bomb.gsc an bomb_fx.gsc <------- wrong all wrong!!!! yep one more bi wrong is the "level wallbomb"

part is messed you dont tell us were to put that in the editor part like i mean as for the wallafter / key "targetname value "wallafter" that kind of use... the wall bomb is not talked about or i cant see it thats why I said ealier about making the "Video" "ZOOMABLE TO NORMAL LEVEL NOT"

This 1024 x 768 or ? ever should be in 800x 600 I know I do screen shots all the time man for helping ppl an your vid cant be viewed in paint to be seen properly as a screenshot.

ok Im done bitching now fix the Script or video or dont post it here man!! simple an yes I followed to a "T" like it was a test well tnx I got a F yeah lol good luck on helping me !

Posted by Mr-Snipper on Tue. Feb. 14, 2006

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