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CoD Mapping
heli to attack ai
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A very popular map from MW2 : "mp_Rust" now for cod1 !!!
Downloaded 39 times

Many people (including me) like the map "mp_Rust" from Modern Warfare 2. I wanted to make a cool map for call of duty 1 and got the idea to remake this map for cod1 ! It all went pretty good and it's almost an exact copy. In Modern Warfare 2 you can jump twice (which makes you come higher), unfortunately that isn't possible in cod 1, therefore some little details had to be different because it otherways wouldn't be possible to reach certain spots. It's a pretty small map in a desert, this is a great map to play with your friends! Most people say I did a good job, so I hope you like this too ;) Ingame name: Crash. Xfire: cod1crash Email: cod1crash@hotmail.com --------- [NL:] De populaire map "mp_Rust" van MW2 nu ook in cod1! Ik heb de map "mp_Rust" die heel bekend en populair is van Modern Warfare 2 nagemaakt voor in call of duty 1. Zie de afbeeldingen voor meer details. Het is een aardig kleine map maar dat maakt het juist leuk, zodat je niet een oneindigheid hoeft te zoeken voordat je iemand tegen komt. Dit is een fantastische map om met vrienden te spelen of i.d.

by Crash. (email)


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hello megtudnád adni nekem a map_source filét elöre is köszönöm.hello add me to find out the fillet map_source Thanks in advance
Posted by krisz1989 on Sat. Oct. 26, 2013

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