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mp_Harbor_EXTREME (UPDATE!!! version 1.3)
Downloaded 124 times

This is the update of my Extreme version of mp_Harbor. For the ones who don't know the first version i'll tell what i did: I rebuilt harbor and addded some cool things to it. For example an extra room where you can go in and much more awesome stuff. Almost everyone who has played it so far says it's very nice and it also looks very much like the real version of mp_Harbor. What is new in version 1.3: - I added the russian spawn place (where the truck is located). - I removed the elevator from the previous version because you could easily glitch there. - I improved some details - It's just a bit nicer xD (For installation:) 1. Open the .zip file 2. Copy the .pk3 file in your main directory (Program files/ Call of duty/ Main) 3. Start Call of duty and you'll find the map in your maps list. Gametypes: DM, TDM, SD, CTF, HQ HAVE FUN XD

by Crash. (email)


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pls map harbor_extreme for cod 1.1
this map dont work
stil error mising mp_mp_extreme_map.bsp
pls add for 1.1
Posted by Misiusn on Sat. Apr. 11, 2015
Secret Room
How do you get into the secret room?
Posted by gdigg3r on Wed. Apr. 8, 2015
for some reason it will work in cod but not in coduo
Posted by ozzy on Wed. Feb. 13, 2013
Basic Flaw
When you created this map you probably had other custom maps or mods in your game files. The Error: No XModel loaded for item index 1 (). Is due to a model used in your map that is not contained in a none moded game. The thing to do is remove all your mods and custom maps and see if it works on your own system. This may help you find the fault.
Posted by schultz on Sat. Sep. 8, 2012
Great remake
Works fine for me! can't see why the map don't load up for Ozzy and Donefore? you are putting the pk3 in the callofduty/main folder . . . . rite?
Posted by UnclePhil on Fri. Sep. 7, 2012
Your error
Hey guys,

I don't get that error when i download this file.
But when i look into my files i see item index 1 has something to do with the capture the flag mode.

Probably you do'nt have a ctf.gsc file so you also can't play this map.
Try to download a capture the flag file and try again.

And if it still does'nt work just look to your server list if a servers runs my map. A few servers run my map quite often, than you can download it there.

but anyways thanks for downloading ;)
Hope not everyone gets this error.

Posted by jahalloik on Sun. Sep. 2, 2012
When i try and load it i get an error

No xmodel loaded for item index 1 ()
Posted by ozzy on Tue. Aug. 14, 2012
Does nt Work
Posted by Donefore on Tue. Aug. 14, 2012

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