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Zombeh Box (mp_zombeh_box)
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From Readme: ====================================================================== Map Title : Zombeh Box (mp_zombeh_box) Map Version : 1 Orginal creator : willeponken E-mail : willeponken@gmail.com Date : 2010/12/25 (CHRISTMAS :D) ====================================================================== Notes: For suggestions, bugs, glitches and more contact me at: willeponken@gmail.com The Minimap (compass) that includes is not done. ====================================================================== Game : Call of Duty 4 Supported Gametype : Deathmatch : Team Deathmatch : If you want this map to support more gametypes, conact me via my E-mail Mod tested Ok : Map tested, if you find any problems contact me via my E-mail ====================================================================== Contents of this Package : mp_zombeh_box.ff mp_zombeh_box_load.ff mp_zombeh_box.iwd readme.txt ====================================================================== Installation Instructions: Place the mp_zombeh_box folder within your USERMAPS folder ====================================================================== Construction Time : Some boring days... Brushes : 337 Decals : 0 Models : 0 Lights : 6 ====================================================================== Credits/Thanks : Thanks to Infinity Ward for providing the tools/assets. ====================================================================== Additional Notes : All original and composed textures or assets in this modification remain property of the sources respective owners. ======================================================================

by willeponken (email)


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