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Call of DutyŽ: WWII
CoD WW2 General
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Deployable PTRS-41
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When I first got W@W I was excited about there being a PTRS Anti-tank rifle in the game - I had visions of the joys of RO being brought to CoD. However I was disappointed when I saw it had been turned into a .50cal sniper equivalent complete with scope. I have basically ignored the PTRS from a BRM perspective until I got talking with Zweimann from the ERM mod, who had taken a look at getting a 'proper' anti-tank rifle working, but had not managed to get anywhere with it. As I get easily distracted I dropped what I was intending to work on (French localisation for BRM) and started looking at the turret. I was able create the required weapon files myself, however adding the new tags that the model required for it to work were a bit beyond me. Having also distracted Zeroy with the project at this point, he kindly offered to create the required Mountable turret model and better still rip off that damn scope! Result? A fully deployable PTRS-41. The downloadable package includes all the required files to add it to maps or other mods, although due to Treyarch disabling the ability to deploy while prone this is only possible where a scripted solution has been added. The weapon now does a sensible amount of damage to tanks (instead of the 25 stock damage), but the method of adding this (turning it into a projectile) has messed with the hit registration a little bit so trying to score that headshot at 100m is probably not going to happen. Let me know if you have any problems with it.

by Robbo / Zeroy / Zweimann () (website)


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