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'Weapons Free'
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Just another day at the office with the British SAS.

This is my first CoD4 map. I haven't recorded dialogue yet, so you'll have to read the subtitles for now. I will upload an update once the dialogue has been put in.

by Carlos Pineda


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Final version of this map is located here:

Posted by pinedsman on Sun. Jul. 26, 2009
great to have another sp map. I will play it asap and post my thoughts on it after im done playing with it :D but i can already say gj for making one. always love to play custom sp.

ok after i played it on v1.7 it wouldnt work. so i played it on v1.0 and it works fine. Idk why it doesnt read the image file on v1.7 if it is properly placed. idk. anywho, your map was pretty good. I liked the anim's you used. good job mate and hope u get more done soon. thanks for the post.
Posted by voidsource on Fri. Jun. 26, 2009
Thumbs up
Nice level :)
Posted by 3st0nian on Mon. Jun. 22, 2009
Sorry about the crash. I didn't realize that 1.7 was more strict with the .iwd files (I guess Steam doesn't update MW like TF2...? I never checked). I'll upload a fix along with the custom voiceovers.
Posted by pinedsman on Sun. Jun. 14, 2009
Crash load map,versin cod.mw 1.7
Posted by death00 on Sun. Jun. 14, 2009
Pretty short and decent play expierence.

Although some of the lines used by Price are probably in MW, not sure why they weren't used.
Posted by SparkyMcSparks on Sat. Jun. 13, 2009

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