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This is my First for COD4, my second in mapping world. Is a combination of open streets areas with urban alleys ways, set in a middle east town like, is the location where a F-177 has crashed. I called 'The main event', hope to deliver good balance of close combat and snipping shoot out.

by one_richard () (website)


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Linux and Openwarfare
Can't get it to run. It keeps crashing.
Posted by clickbouyow on Wed. Oct. 22, 2008
Thanks Tam, Ill take notes about that ;)
Posted by one_richard on Sat. Aug. 23, 2008
I've played that map in DOM and it is pretty fun. just two-three things though:

1. The way to point C is open. More cover would be nice, or alternatively, more opening to higher ground, for covering fire.
2. The souk in point B is really good for street fight, just a bit too regular, too square.
3. The point A offers too much sniping spots (read camping here :p); maybe cutting down on the floor accessible could resolve the issue.

Posted by tourist.Tam on Wed. Aug. 20, 2008
Thank you guys, Im happy to see that most people like it.
Posted by one_richard on Sat. Jul. 12, 2008
Well done! Professional work.
Posted by P.C.Invasion on Sat. Jul. 12, 2008
Nice work buddy, great to see your map out there on the web
Posted by Mystic on Fri. Jul. 11, 2008

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