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I wanted to play around making movies in CoD2 and searched for a Mod to clear the screen...but I couldn't find one. What I wanted to be able to do is film (record) the action as if I were a War Correspondent/Cameraman and film the action - be in the thick of it -, but not have to concentrate on firing a weapon or have the action obscured by a weapon - much like a cameraman in BoB or Saving Private Ryan. So I knocked this together to do the task... With this you can record a clear demo (or screenshot) from either within the game as an observer (or player) or outside as a spectator...

The Hud is removed by the usual method in the 'Multiplayer Options'. The Time is removed by setting it to Zero in the 'Game Type Settings'. By choosing 'Observer' in the weapon options you get a deadly potato (i.e. no weapon) which leaves the screen clear. The rest is removed by the following files in the .iwd:

localizedstringscgame.str - Removes "SPECTATOR"
localizedstringsplatform.str - Removes "- Press [Left Mouse] to follow next player" & "- Press [Right Mouse] to follow previous player"
mapsmpgametypes_hud_teamscore.gsc - Removes Team Score from top left corner
mapsmpgametypes_deathicons.gsc - Stops Death Icons appearing when a player is killed
mapsmpgametypes_weapons.gsc - Adds potato weapon i.e. no weapon
ui_mpscriptmenusweapon_american.menu - Adds 'Observer' to weapon options (same for German, British and Russian).

Not sure whether anyone else will find it as useful/fun as I have, but I thought I'd put it out there for those (like me) who didn't know how to get a clear screen...

by AnythingButt


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