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Assen 1940-1945station assen

I've been asked to find out how radiant worked and If i could build maps with it.

After a few examples and many ours reading about it on the internet I've started to
work on my first map. But this only the beginning of a long journey to the top.

With the help of Fighting Dutchie and spending many ours behind the computer
we succeeded in building our first map Assen 1940-1945. Fighting Dutchie helped
me with scripts, How to put sounds in a map etc.

We live in Assen. a small "village" in the province Drenthe in the Netherlands.
The town Assen is known about it's TT races each year.
station assen
Then arrived the second problem. What or wich building are we going to

After talking for many time with friends we decided to rebuild the central
train station of Assen. We've made it just like it was in the early days of 1940 till 1945.
Now you know were that name came from.

We've used many old photo's from the internet, some books and a A3 fromat
photo taken from the air above the station.

After many versions and some beta versions the map was completed. It took us
about 3 months to buid this map.

The old station has been demolished and replaced by a very modern and station assen
extreme ugly "station" I can't call it a station!


multiplayer map

by pingpong () (website)


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Geweldig idee hoor om assen te gaan maken;) eindelijk weer eens x een map in van nederland:p
Posted by Winters16 on Wed. Mar. 5, 2008

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