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Mohaa maps on Cod2?
CoD2 MP Mapping
is this place alive?
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ModsOnLine Bible of COD2 Mapmaking
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You guys have worked hard to help me, and I've worked hard sifting through all this information... What the site doesn't have is a soup to nuts reference guide for the noobiest of the noobs. Is I've listened and applied your teachings, I've compiled a guide. It uses info from many of you. I paraphrased some, but I don't think I destroyed any meanings.

This is a document file that also requires your input as you go through. So, download it everytime you are putting together a new map.

by Marlow


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The file being sought is : /main/map_source/mp_test.map

It's just to give you something to mess around with to familiarize yourself with the controls and manipulating brushes.

After that create a select File>New Map and start making your map.

There is a great skybox tut in the CODUO section.

NOw comes the part that got me for 3 days.

Compile your map and then (this is what worked for me) take the newly created .d3dbsp file in main>maps>mp with your map name on it ,then put it into your desktop template folder with your map name on it in maps>mp.

select all of the folders INSIDE your template folder and create a .zip archive, change the extension after creation to .iwd and place the new .iwd file in your MAIN folder along with all of the eisting .iwd files.

now go in game and you can test your map

it was the only way i could get my map to test. The way i read the tut was that as soon as I made a basic map i could shut down radiant and compile and test. I guess either I was reading something wrong, missed something, or something was missing.

I do greatly appreciate the effort though, very good ref for beginner, if not a trifle incomplete. thanks.

Posted by 13|hardheaded on Sun. Dec. 30, 2007
Wrong download information
The indicated filesize (25.97MB) is WRONG!!!
Because I have downloaded the file from the main link, and it is a 38KB zip file containing a 152KB .doc file and a 1KB .txt file.
Also, there is no indication if this is the updated file or the old one.
Please provide correct and detailed information regarding the file. Also, the link to the updated file/files should be updated.

Anyway, thanks a lot to Marlow for his tutorial.

Dear Marlow, please provide us noobs with more detailed tutorials in preferably pdf format with images. If you hate rapidshare for any reason, then please try boxstr.com. They provide direct download links with resume.
Thanks in advance. Keep up your excellent work!
Posted by 0nLineM0dDeR on Fri. Nov. 30, 2007
Hey Marlow,

I tried the link to grumpy old bastards but the file is no longer listed
Posted by NormanD on Wed. Jul. 18, 2007
ok, when I enter the link you gave me for the updated "Bible", I got a message saying that the topic or whatever did not exist. Also, what file are you talking about for the template???
Posted by Lithium123 on Wed. May. 30, 2007
just a quick question, the two 'updated' version you have listed in the comments below are either not found or you need to register to get, so is the download above the latest version? if not could you possibly host the latest version on rapidshare or somewhere we dont have to register to download from please?
Posted by TOG|Wiz_74 on Tue. May. 22, 2007
3. Navigate back to the “main” folder and open the “map_source” folder. Copy the following file and paste it into the map_source folder. This file is a template map that is left wide open for your modification, but has all the necessary elements to be compiled and tested.

(will paste file here once built, until then open test map)

What do you mean with that last sentence? Open test map?! Which one? I can only open .pjt files with that Radiant Program.
Posted by BFERobin on Thu. Apr. 12, 2007
Updated version
Sorry to those who could not find the download...


Posted by Marlow on Wed. Mar. 28, 2007
Thanks a million.
I just finished my first map and I gotta say that I wouldn't have been successful without this "Bible". Thanks a million Marlow for your time to write this down. More than enough for the noobiest of the noobs (me) to learn the basics of mapping.
Posted by Viper_711 on Tue. Feb. 20, 2007
nice tut
I already knew all that, but nice tut for people who want to start making maps.
Posted by webber17 on Fri. Jan. 19, 2007
wich file?
You say this:

Navigate back to the “main” folder and open the “map_source” folder. Copy the following file and paste it into the map_source folder. This file is a template map that is left wide open for your modification, but has all the necessary elements to be compiled and tested.

I play CoD2 for some time now, and there are a lot of files in my maps. So can you give the name of the file your talking about?
Posted by bepetemish on Mon. Sep. 25, 2006
well this is helping me through my first attempt and its wonderfull
Posted by Dr_Donut on Sun. Sep. 3, 2006
great tut!!
great tutorial m8!!
Posted by Warr!or on Wed. Jul. 19, 2006
This is exactly what the community needs. Job well done...nicelly written...once finished it will be a COD2 mapping must have resource. What you have done so far is fantastic.
Posted by Eladd on Tue. Jul. 18, 2006

Please download from

Posted by Marlow on Mon. Jul. 17, 2006
I wrote much of it on my own, but the knowledge comes from this website... I need to edit out the winrar stuff. I will be making some changes and additions next week.
Posted by Marlow on Sun. Jul. 16, 2006
Do you write tihs on your own?
It is really really good
hut down
Posted by spunky90 on Thu. Jul. 13, 2006
Bible cod2
Fun. I just started chapter 1 of a dutch tutorial. If al the chapters are done and you will folloy them tru you wil have a playable map with all features in/on it.

you can find it her and use the screendumps if you like.
Posted by Mortipede on Thu. Jul. 13, 2006
Nice start
This is a good idea .. trying to get all the knowledge centralised. I'll give it a full read through later.

If we spot any mistakes should we pm you?
Posted by Gaspode on Tue. Jul. 11, 2006

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