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Back2UO Reloaded CoD2 Mod v.2.0 Server u. Client Version
Downloaded 319 times

Finally it is there, the Back2Uo Reloaded COD 2 Mod v.2.0 final. After 4 long months of intensive work and much stress, we have to make it production from the whole project a Ostergeschenk. We the # GCF#Team thank you us still times quite-cordially the WASD of clan, the CODW clan and Brain Style, which tested 1 week the Mod on heart and kidneys for us. We hope to bring the old flair of COD UO to OF Duty 2 with this modification, somewhat more fun in call and hope again revive to let. COD 2: - Cod of 2 elements adjustable - COD 2 Hud of elements revises - COD 2 MP Ambiente FX adjustable MOD: - Back2uo Mod Config inserted - server information inserted - extended life energy hold back inserted - tank fright inserted - G43Sniper inserted - Medipacks inserted - car Download Message inserted HUD of elements: - Blood Splatter of effects inserted - extended player Score inserted - extended team Score inserted - new compass inserted - players position announcement revises - Hud Ambiente Fx Icons inserted - Healtbar inserted - rank system inserted Message: - clan message inserted - NEXT map message inserted - winner message inserted - welcome message inserted - server texts inserted - Connect & Disconnect message inserted Effects: - Blood of effects inserted - mortars of effects inserted - airplanes with Flak effects inserted - artillery requirement inserted - lightning & thunder effect inserted - Pain & Death sound inserted - winter breath inserted - weather rain effect for DirektX7 inserted - weather snow effect for DirektX7 inserted Systems: - AFK tread inserted - camper tread inserted - Spawn protection inserted - coincidence generator for was inserted to FX - coincidence generator for Ambiente Fx inserted - weapons optimization inserted - Only weapons system inserted - extended Vote map system inserted - extended map rotation system inserted

by ]|DFG|[Kay () (website)


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mmm looks like a good one, does it work on 1.0 servers ?
Posted by COLMAC on Wed. Sep. 27, 2006

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