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is this place alive?
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CoD2 Mods Menu
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I got a bit tired of either taking .iwd files in and out of my Main folder or adding
"+set fs_game whatever" to the end of a shortcut all the time. IW made the Mods menu
but took out the button to access it, so I decided to put that button back in.
That's all this little mod does, put the button for the Mods menu back in the Main
menu. Nothing more, nothing less. I just figured that if it was something that
helped me perhaps it would help someone else aswell.

You can either put the "zzzz_mods_menu.iwd" file inside your Main folder or put it in
a folder (called Mods_Menu for example) inside your "Call of Duty 2" folder and add
"+set fs_game Mods_Menu" to your shortcut. It should be the last time you have to do
that. Once that's done it works just like the Mods menu in CoD and CoD:UO.

by Philip A. Mecozzi (email)


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Good Job!
This was very helpful option in other cods but idk why but cod 2 forgot it probably :/

Gonna try it it will help me.
Posted by Zaphax on Thu. Feb. 10, 2011

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