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CoD 2 - eXtreme+ Mod 1.4 Beta 2 build 7
Downloaded 1773 times
config file changes
I have gone through all the config files and done some tidying up. Hopefully making things easier to undestand.

added new dvar ex_gtsdelay to control new feature called 'gametype start delay'
added new dvars scr_sd_planttime & scr_sd_defusetime to control bomb plant/defuse times in Search & Destroy

enemy weapon usage settings moved to weaponcontrol.cfg

added new dvar ex_rank_allow_napalm to 'Allowed Random' WMD rank (WMD deployment 2)

added new dvar ex_rank_napalm for napalm control using WDM deployment option 0 and 1

added new dvar ex_logopic for displaying eXtreme+ logo picture

spectator music, death music, end music, voting music and statsboard music dvars renamed
ex_specmusic, ex_deathmusic, ex_endmusic, ex_statsmusic and ex_votemusic

added new dvars to control ambient FX options, lets you disable, fog, dust, soundfx, snow, smoke and fire on maps

additions non cfg
new feature - gametype start delay, when the map has loaded and the gametype starts, you can set a delay here for when the match starts. If enabled, when only one player is on the server a message will be displayed in the centre of the screen informing the player that the game is waiting for more players to join, then if another player joins or there are enough players already the message will change informing the players that the match will begin along with a countdown set in seconds. For HQ, CHQ, HTF and CTF, the objectives will not spawn until the gamestarts.

new feature - roundbased team swap, when playing SD or LTS, you can now choose to switch teams at the end of each round, spices things up a little!
new feature - roundbased gametypes will now have the Round number displayed when you spawn each round, kinda like a boxing match
new feature - napalm, napalm is new WMD when using the rank system
new feature - logopic, a picture is displayed top left on player HUD, options are disable, team flag + eXtreme+ logo, cod2 logo + eXtreme+ logo
new feature - ambient FX options, lets you disable, fog, dust, soundfx, snow, smoke and fire on all maps, or individual maps and/or gametypes
new feature - on all main weapons menus you know have the option to change team, just in case you choose the wrong team by mistake, the option does not appear if team balanced!
new feature - on secondary weapons menus, in addition to the existing 'Change secondary' option that has always appeared, when on the seconday menu, you can switch back to the primary!

moviemode - made this quicker/smoother when dying and spawning (changed all the code), also fades in/out as it appears
healthbar - redid the code for this, was too much before for what it does
weapon limiter - improved the speed of disabling weapons that reach their limit
livestats - redid the code for this, more efficient code!
statsboard - modified some of the routines, more efficient code!
american all weapons menu, added the Lee Enfield, by popular request!, now they have a bolt action rifle!
tripwire routine, for the tripwire warning, I changed the code so the tripwire itself is in charge of the warning message, not the player
tripwire routine, warning message appears if enabled, except in DM of course....requested by Para!

bug fixes
1. Tripwire (ALL GT's) & Bomb planting (SD), when planting/defusing, weapons are disabled when using the stance shoot delay function
2. Search & Destroy - when scoring extra points for planting/defusing, points now stay displayed after killing a team mate or enemy player
3. Enemy weapon usage - when using class based weapon menus, enemy weapons are forced allowed
4. Gametypes with graceperiod, fixed a stock COD2 bug that allowed you to change weapons after throwing grenades.
5. Tripwires, fixed that annoying problem of getting stuck to the ground when planting/defusing
6. Weapon loadout, fixed a bug forcing stock loadout on weapons, regardless of loadout option
7. Death music, fixed a bug which allowed death music to play, even when disabled
8. Ammo crates, fixed a bug/conflict with the tripwire routine that removed the progress bar

by ]|DFG|[Kay () (website)


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ERROR: script runtime error
(see console for details)
(file 'maps/mp/gametypes/_teams.gsc', line 377)
Posted by spiderxp on Fri. Sep. 14, 2007
mod doesnt work
ive try for 5 days trying to get it to work but it doesnt work it got a compile error witch means its not been finished properly
Posted by ddjay on Sat. Feb. 17, 2007
Installing problem
I hope very very much that somebody can answer me!
I have this problems with the mod:
The server is stopping when i put up the things.
I tried 1000 times always another config but its still the same.
I was uploaded the cfg-s and the iwd-s,set those cfg-s, but the server is stopping!!Why??
PLS if someone can help me.
I can copy the cfg-s here just someone ANSWER.
Posted by shabbadabba on Sat. Feb. 10, 2007
FATAL SCRIPT Compile Error
I have the EXACT same error as SublimeDragon,

******* script compile error *******
unknown function: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/lts.gsc', line 524)
spawnpoint = maps\mp\gametypes\_spawnlogic::NearestSpawnpoint(spawnpoints, level.teamside[self.sessionteam]);

Anyone have any ideas?
Posted by level42 on Thu. Feb. 8, 2007
shot xplain
could any1 shortly explain to me what this is about plz?
Posted by Charlone on Sat. Nov. 18, 2006
Script Compile Error
I'm getting this error (below) when I try to initialize this mod... I understand how to edit the file in question... but not sure what needs to be added/taken away from the line

any ideas anyone?

******* script compile error *******
unknown function: (file 'maps/mp/gametypes/lts.gsc', line 524)
spawnpoint = maps\mp\gametypes\_spawnlogic::NearestSpawnpoint(spawnpoints, level.teamside[self.sessionteam]);
Posted by SublimeDragon on Thu. Aug. 3, 2006
how can i activate this mode on my server ???
Posted by anonimnaoseba on Sun. Jun. 18, 2006

i don't know how i can activate this mode...

Posted by Surferboy1711991 on Thu. May. 18, 2006
Can You Adjust The Damage Caused By Using Melee.

Is there a way to adjust the damage caused by using Melee so it isn't on full strengh?

Posted by DogBreath999 on Thu. Apr. 13, 2006
hmmm.....for some reason I cant get it to work. I am trying to test it by running it on my computer before putting it on my server...but its not working. Exactly where and how do I need to put all of the config files and the 2 pk3's?
Posted by humptydumpty on Tue. Apr. 4, 2006
Visability of the red dots at the compass
Great mod. Everything is working nice but still i have a question, Does anybody know in this mod where I can find how to activate the visability of the red dots at the compass when somebody is shooting. I can't find it?
Posted by Sperminator on Tue. Apr. 4, 2006
Is this mod going to mess up the gamestate like all the others and crash the server?......Nice mods but 16 gamestate can't handle them.....needs to be nice and simple
Posted by DIF-Hannibal on Mon. Mar. 6, 2006
for server and client side
Posted by ]|DFG|[Kay on Tue. Feb. 28, 2006

downladed.. and is gona be on our test server soon !!

A great mod wiht loads of features !

Posted by paulo88 on Fri. Feb. 17, 2006

Is this server or client side ??

Posted by paulo88 on Thu. Feb. 16, 2006

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