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How To Turn Your Map Into A PK3 Tutorial!
Downloaded 282 times
This Tutorial Tells You How To Turn Your Map Into A PK3!

by Scooby22 () (website)


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Winrar also allows the creation of numerous other formats i.e zip , just rename a pk3 to .zip and vice versa to view inside if ya dont have pakscape with ya, or you want to view as doom 3 engine pk4 file!
ne way my firs tsuggestion was to remove the rar file from inside the .zip as it really is pointless the only reason its smaller is coz it compresses the .exe which the zip would do any way!
Posted by [DH]Matt518 on Thu. Nov. 10, 2005
well i once did it as rar when trying to make my pk3 and it didnt work. I think pakscape is easier and better!
Posted by Scoob_ on Thu. Nov. 10, 2005
Matts right... WinRar is an alternative but the easiest way is simply to right click on desktop, select new, select compressed zipped folder, then open the zip, set up the file structure within it and just change the .zip extention to .pk3

What could be more simple??? Also if my memory serves me correctly there is a written tutorial on this...

Nice tut anyways...
Posted by Tim451 on Thu. Nov. 10, 2005
Well windows has a built in file compresser which users .ZIP format, and the tim and effort many people might take to download winrar (a tool which can also be used instead of pakscape just rename the file to .pk3 once its made) is more than that of actualy downloading your file and making a pk3!
It was just some tip..
Posted by [DH]Matt518 on Thu. Nov. 10, 2005
What how would i do that then zip it up then people would have to download winzip.Also winrar is a smaller file then a zip.I tried it myself
Posted by Scoob_ on Wed. Nov. 9, 2005
It does contain a .RAR file so id advise either people to download winrar if they dont have it, or could u mod the file to remove the .rar file as it may cause problems for people who dont have winrar..
Not a bad tut.
Posted by [DH]Matt518 on Wed. Nov. 9, 2005
Hope You Like It
That was one of my first video tutorials! Hope you like it!
Posted by Scoob_ on Wed. Nov. 9, 2005

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