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CoDUO Mapping


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Dniprov UO Final
Downloaded 1127 times

Dniprov is a soviet city that has, until now, escaped total obliteration. The germans captured the city in their original push towards the Volga and since that time Dniprov has not seen any fighting. The tide of the war however has changed, and now the Red Army is entering the city from the southeast in an attempt to liberate it. Losses are expected to be high on both sides.

This is my second map, but in reality is really my first complete one. The beta version was started Aug/04 and was for COD. The final product has taken so long because I'm still learning the tricks of the map trade and school eats up a large chunk of my life. I've made the final CODUO because it is the version I play most often, but I may also make a plain COD version.

This map has most of the elements of the beta but I think the overall look and feel of this version is much better. The map seems to play better than the original as well, the addition of more surface area and buildings has added more dimension to gameplay.

The map is medium in size and supports 4-20 players (comfortably) in DM/TDM/BEL/HQ/SD/RET/CTF/DOM. The name probably gives it away, but in case you didn't realize it the teams are russian vs. german.

One last round of play testing (especially for DOM/SD/CTF) and checking for bugs is planned for this weekend. The final will be released shortly after.DONE!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has somehow helped me out on this esp. in the forums and also for the tutorials (oh, and of course thanks to the playtesters).


by sear (email)


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Huge exploit found!
Love the map to death as the clan i'm in started to play it and then a member found a huge and easy to do exploit to get under the map and shoot and kill from below. We removed the map immediately from our rotation only for this reason as we cannot have potential players coming in and ruining it for our regulars. If you could add player block to this certain spot it would prevent them from being able to get out of the map. I would be glad to clue you in if you are interested in making your map cheat free as it is one of the most fun maps. Please reply if you are interested.
Posted by pacinolife on Tue. Dec. 13, 2005

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