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Red Oktober:UO
Downloaded 373 times

Map Title : Red Oktober:UO
Map Version : Final v2.0
Author : Drecks
E-mail : drecks@after-hourz.com
Website : www.after-hourz.com


Game : Call of Duty:United Offensive

Supported Gametype : Conquest TDM (CNQ) - Recommended
: Deathmatch
: Team Deathmatch
: Behind Enemy Lines
: Headquarters
: Search and Destroy
: Capture the Flag
: Domination

Map Size : 20-up : Large


Content of Red Oktober:UO :

This is the final version of the Red Oktober factory map.
Set in September of 1942, the Axis must push the
Russians back to the Volga River. To do so they must capture
a number of objectives throughout the factory. For screenshots
and more information on Red Oktober please visit our forums at


Changes since version 1.0

This map was updated for United Offensive, adding support for two new
gametypes (DOM and CTF), addition of jeeps for CTF, DM and TDM
gametypes, and mount points for MGs. Various small map improvements
were also incorporated.


Installation Instructions:


Place zzz_mp_uo_redoktober.pk3 in your Call of Duty/Main

While it will run and play well in other gametypes, this
map is built and tuned to run best using the Conquest TDM (CNQ)
gametype. Server admins who wish to run it in this mode will
need the CNQ gametype files for their servers. Clients do not
need this file. It can be obtained from the Conquest TDM home
page at After Hourz, http://www.after-hourz.com/cod/cnq.php.


On rare occasions some players may have problems loading the map.
If this occurs, try the following:

Start COD:UO, and bring down your console using the tilde ("~") key.
At the prompt type this:
/seta com_hunkmegs "256"

Now try to restart the game again. If you have any other problems
email the author or stop by the After Hourz forums and we'll be
happy to help.


Construction Time : Too long

Custom Content : Textures
: Audio
: Models

Copyright : Do not use the custom models without permission
of the author
: If you want to use any of the custom textures
mail to drecks@after-hourz.com


Credit to Other Authors :

Innocent Bystander for the script work
Lex and Postman for the models and model skins
PK* for sit and wonder
and the After-Hourz gaming community


Special Thanks : Innocent Bystander,Lex and my lovely Wife.


Additional Notes :




After Hourz welcomes you to one of the biggest and most enjoyable gaming
communities on the net! We provide quality public game servers, intense
gameplay, original content, and an active community. All our servers
are closely monitored against cheating, and we run only the best custom
mods and maps. We invite you to stop in and check out After Hourz!

After Hourz Gaming Network
"Experience the Intensity"

by Drecks () (website)


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