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Damaged .pk3's
CoD Mapping
heli to attack ai
CoD4 SP Mapping


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Graydiant - UO mapping tool
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The Official mapping tool for Call of Duty - United Offensive


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Never mind, the correct route was ''C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\uo\''
Posted by LorenzoFSM on Sun. Apr. 8, 2018
Perhaps someone could make an extracted version of the Mapping Tool?
Posted by LorenzoFSM on Fri. Apr. 6, 2018
What should I do if editing the registry didn't fix my ''CoDUO is not installed'' problem?
Posted by LorenzoFSM on Fri. Apr. 6, 2018
[cannot import c:/documents and settings/anup/documanets/txt.reg:the specifed file is not a registry script you can only import binary registry files from with the refistry editor] what should i do?
Posted by hawkystrom on Fri. Apr. 13, 2012
USE "raydiant" for cod1
Posted by justonemore on Mon. Jun. 9, 2008
will it work for the old cod 1 or dose it only work on cod uo
Posted by sonic1764 on Mon. Jun. 9, 2008
is there a graydiant that works with vista? my coduo mp,sp work
Posted by Mike12 on Sun. May. 25, 2008
Set up the root
Posted by iasniper on Fri. Feb. 15, 2008
textures and actors
i have gradient but i have no textures either and i have no actors? what can i do?
Posted by Weekitkat on Fri. Nov. 17, 2006
ok i have cod uo graydiant great program but i dont have textures????????????
Posted by -havoc- on Thu. Sep. 28, 2006
Great Program
Yea this is the place to post comments. So i'd just like to say. after about a year of using this program off and on and for people that are amazingly new to this program (not sure that could be possible but it seems that it is) then this program is great. it may be a real pain in the foot with all the scripting involved but that leaves more room for "what you want and not what the program wants" i guess is how its put. very nice program!
Posted by MasterChief on Mon. Apr. 17, 2006

Dudes and Dudettes,

Graydiant works great if you set it up correctly...

This means you may need to direct Graydiant to the correct locations of you installed games.

Please dont post your problems here or even ask questions here...this is the 'DOWNLOAD' section...not the 'HELP' section. Number one, your questions and complaints may never be responded to, and number two, they are not directly related to this tool so they are unwanted.

I recommend posting your questions in the FORUMS. but do this at your own risk...If you dont search for the solution before you post, you're bound to get flamed.

Posted by Horseman on Fri. Feb. 3, 2006

@ supersword

thats why i let them work in a text document and excute it.

If they make a mistake, only cod will not work anmymore, and that can be reinstalled.

If i let them work in regedit, they can modify/delete anything..

Posted by Vuhuy on Sun. Dec. 25, 2005
Vuhuy, editting registries is very dangerous and not advisable. You should just change the path to C:/Program Files/Call of Duty/ and not C:/Program Files/Call of Duty Game of the Year Edition/
Posted by supersword on Wed. Dec. 21, 2005
Sky textures
I have all the textures but the sky textures???
Posted by SgtFB on Fri. Sep. 30, 2005

Solution for ure problems:

Q: setup could not locate a valid installation of call of duty - united offensive
A: Just paste these things in notedpad

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"InstallPath"=" *Instalation Pad * "
"StartMenuFolder"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Menu Start\\Programma's\\Call of Duty"
"codkey"=" * Your Key Code* "

Change al these things to your right configuration
Save is as ***.reg and open it, and let it insert in your registery

make another, and paste these things in notedpad:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Call of Duty United Offensive]
"InstallPath"=" instaltion pad"
"key"=" keycode "
"StartMenuFolder"="Call of Duty - United Offensive"

Change al these things to your right configuration

Save is as ***.reg and open it, and let it insert in your registery

Q: Were are my textures?
A: Somewhere =P just do these things

Just open URCODUOPAD\UOTools\bin (exemple: H:\Call Of Duty\UOTools\bin) and open default.gam with notepad. Now go to Edit > Replace and Replace C:\Program Files\Call of Duty with the instalation pad of your coduo instalation (exem. Replace it to H:\Call of Duty)

Posted by Vuhuy on Fri. Sep. 23, 2005
says "COD not installed"
whats wrong with this gradiant thingie?? i have my CoD working good in both MP and SP and still getting this annoying msg "have to install CoD first" when trying to install Gradiant. Help requested.
Posted by Curly on Sun. Aug. 28, 2005

This space is for comments about the editor, not asking for help. If you need help, please post it in the forums.

If it says you do not have a valid installation, make sure it is in the C Drive and you call of duty folder is named Callof Duty, not Call of Duty Game of the year edition.

Slow downloads are normal. This is so Modsonline does not use as much bandwidth up. To get rid of this slow speeds, subscribe to Modsonline by going to http://www.modsonline.com/Forums-top-13238.html.

Posted by supersword on Mon. Aug. 22, 2005
not have texture
what i do?

Posted by hessu on Sun. Aug. 14, 2005

Same problem :'( 

While my cod-uo is working. I never have problems with it...

Posted by remcovangelder on Sun. Aug. 14, 2005

Same thing here.

"...could not find a valid installation of CoDUO"

Posted by ZBrisk on Mon. Jul. 25, 2005
I had the same problem. It says i need to install COD UO first.
Posted by Zatara on Sun. Jul. 17, 2005

when i open the installer it says i havent installed COD UO

and that it hasnt found it, i want to know how to change the path so it can find it

Posted by Rifle on Sun. Jul. 10, 2005

read through the cou uo radiant editor setup and it will show u how to get textures on moise

Posted by dannyh on Thu. Jun. 30, 2005
Sure as hell hope this works
I never have any luck with this sh*t
Posted by Alexinindy on Thu. Jun. 2, 2005


(not as big as COD:UO 1.5 patch tho)

Posted by dermot on Wed. Jun. 1, 2005
The file isnt that big it gonna take me 8 mins but i ahve a  fast internet and dwonloading
Posted by Duke on Mon. May. 30, 2005
Holy... that's a BIG file size :S
Posted by SVH_Destroyer on Fri. May. 27, 2005

i downloaded and intalled graydiant but when i open it i don't have any textures........

wat can i do to have my textures????

plz help me

Posted by moise on Tue. Apr. 12, 2005
how do i get asset manager to work

the converter for it wont work!? ill start coverting then it will say "converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Posted by ryan44 on Sun. Mar. 13, 2005

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