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Game : Soldier of Fortune 2
Type : Multiplayer
Requires : SoF2 Full Version 1.03
pk3 name : mp_acme(v2)

The Name : RTW*MooseMan

Compile time : approx 4 hours, down from 13 hours with some judicous use of HINT brushes.

Game Types Supported

This map was designed primarily as a CTF map. It is symettrical. The INF gametype was added as an afterthought.
In INF, the Blue team spawns at one side, must procure the briefcase in the center of the map, and make it to the
OPPOSITE side of the map to extract, thus utilizing the entire map. The Red team spawns midway between the case
and the extract point.
It runs on my "average" (ath 2500 Barton with fx5700 ultra) PC with all settings pumped up at a frame rate > 125.
Those running lesser PCs may see a drop in frame rate, but it should remain playable.

Extract the mp_acme(v2).pk3 file to your SoF2 \base folder

Thank you to RTW*MailMan, RTW*BlackFly, RTW*2DV8, and RTW*KnightWolf for the testing and feedback.
Thank you to RTW*MailMan for the help with the rooftops.
Thanks to RAVEN for the game, Radiant for the software, blah blah blah

by RTW*MooseMan


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