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AK74 Kalashnikov 5.45 mm Carbine Rifle
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:: AK74 Kalashnikov 5.45 mm Carbine Rifle ::


A) Documentation

This is the one of the few skins I made that's took me more than 3 hours straight to make. Absolutely worth a look. The AK74 Carbine has less wooden parts in it compared to the traditional AK74 Assault, and has a metallic stock, double clip release switches on both sides, metallic grip handle and ammo HUD. Much fine details, like my other skins. The barrel is now perforated, similar to a traditional machine gun, although you won't see much of it in-game. Once again I urge you to take a look at the .jpeg skin file. The bayonet can be enabled by deleting inv.pk3. Hope you enjoy it!


B) Installation

1) Extract all contents of ak74crb.zip into your base/mp SoF2 directory.
2) The following files should now be in the said directory:
- ak74cr.pk3
- inv.pk3
- sm.pk3
3) The readme and screenshot file can be discarded or moved as you wish.
4) The sm.pk3 file contains the AK74 Carbine sounds. You may delete this or replace with your own sounds.
5) The inv.pk3 file disables the bayonet. Delete this to reactivate the bayonet.

C) Uninstallation

1) Delete ak74cr.pk3, inv.pk3 and sm.pk3 from your base/mp SoF2 directory.


by SuperFly (email)


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