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TOXEC .obj to Xmodel_export converter
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This is a utility that will convert .obj files to Xmodel_export so you can import into Cod4/WW. I use it to convert terrain models created in blender for import into Cod4/ww.

Creator of utility is Brandon Haston.

This utility is used in the video tutorial: How to create a terrain model from a heigtmap, import it into Cod4/WW



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Hey there.

The .obj format has no support for animated models.

This tool is only useful for static models because of that. You can make any shapes you want though as long as it doesn't move.

My solution with the texture issue is to just make all normals face inwards since, for some reason, the normals get flipped during conversion (I probably make a negative instead of a positive number somewhere in the calculations).

The new program I'm working on has been put on hold for several reasons.

-Brandon Haston
Posted by caldiar on Sat. Dec. 20, 2008
importing models..
Anyone have luck importing models with this utility, I'd like to know/see what's been done. =)
Posted by timb0 on Sun. Dec. 14, 2008
Yes, one could use it to convert any model saved in .obj mode. Problem is: It's an alpha version & it puts the texture on the wrong side of the faces. I've been able to correct that on a terrain because its just a matter of putting the texture from the bottom to the top of the terrain. Don't know how you'd do that for an object with faces in several planes. Try either flipping the normals or telling all the normals to face inside & see if that works. He's working on another version that will correct that problem. The new version he's working on will be using Collada format to allow animations also.
Posted by timb0 on Sun. Nov. 30, 2008
Quick Question
Cool, Can this be used to make other models such as crates etc ? (maybe even viewmodels? dont know if there will be animation issues there)
Posted by Bodkin on Sun. Nov. 30, 2008

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