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COD2 SkeletonMaps [part 2]
Downloaded 1100 times

COD2 Skeleton Maps [part 2]

Stripped down *.map files from all of the *.d3dbsp files. Each containing entities and a list of textures/images used. Let me know if I missed any.

Because of file size limits I had to break the files down into two seperate zip files. This is part 2.

by Baratski


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skeleton maps
same error as everybody any comments from the maker?????
Posted by COLMAC on Fri. Jan. 12, 2007
same here
I ge the same insertion failure.

Dont know why
Posted by auzt1n06 on Thu. Dec. 7, 2006
i get the same problam, from part 1 and part 2
Posted by -[2Dark4U]- on Wed. Sep. 27, 2006
I Get the Same Error and then my Radiant tool Crashed
there are little things i can use like car's little to dificult to make for myself :D
Posted by -=SOD=-Damage on Mon. May. 8, 2006

When I try to open a map file it gives these errors.

    ent->brushes.ownerPrev != &ent->brushes
    create brush

Module:    N:\Games\Call of Duty 2 Client\bin\CoD2Radiant.exe
File:    .\MainFrm.cpp
Line:    6467

<unknown module>:    <unknown function>

What is wrong?

Posted by Sampie on Mon. May. 1, 2006

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