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ARMORGEDDON_FINAL created by Dave Harper aka RAKEKNIVEN(MTL) map types are DM TDM BEL HQ. A huge city with 8 elephant, 14 medium tanks, 10 jeeps, 2 flakk 88 and it can hold more people then most servers can handle. No, the motorcylcle doesnt work...but give me time...many hidden ladders and anti tank weapons...enjoy

ARMORGEDDON_FINAL Designed and mapped by Dave Harper *aka* RAKEKNIVEN(MTL) with lots of input,great ideas and scripting & loading screen & testing by PDXDOCKSIDE(MTL) & PSYCHO(MTL) as well as the rest of the clan (MTL) (MORTAL TACTICAL LINE) www.wolfenstein-mtl.com Thanks to Modsonline.com staff of stryder,foyleman, & wyatt earp for technical help on this new UO mess. Please feel free to check out my other maps: RAKEKNIVEN_CEMETERY_FINAL, THEROCK_DAYLIGHT, & THEROCK_NIGHT. Feel free to email me at zzdavv96@yahoo.com or visit my desert exploration website at www.DavesDesertAdventures.com ****ARMORGEDDON is a fictional battle where the German army and the Americans (armed with Russian armor) meet head on at the edges of the Rhine. The final version map has a total of 14 tanks,8 elefant tanks,2 flak 88's and 10 jeeps equally divided between the sides. The buildings were left unfurnished to keep the frames per second rate high, which is a chore with a map that holds up to 40 players and 34 moving vehicles.**** Please respect a map makers work and do not change or alter the map in any way. Prefabs may be given upon request at the map makers discrection. ****The final versions will be a day map and a night map, and more game types will be available. Have fun, remember its just a game and respect other players......unless its a team killing bastard, then all's fair....RAKEKNIVEN(MTL) ############ Loading screen by PSYCHO(MTL) & scripting by PDXDOCKSIDE(MTL).....Additional thanks to WARLORD(MTL) & STRIKER ELITE(MTL) for letting us test the map on their server and all the clan for testing and additional input that created a much better map than I would have created myself. I would also like to thank all the players who played my beta version and gave me so much imput on what they wanted in the final version. Hope you like ARMORGEDDON_FINAL...next map is ARMORGEDDEN_NIGHT, then.....?

by Dave Harper (email)


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Like the idea of a tank battle... Should be done more often.
Also nice for a gametype like Last Team Standing

Bit heavy on the fps, though...
Posted by kweniston on Thu. Feb. 17, 2005

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