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Tiling Made Simple

Making tilable images can sometimes be quite a chore. Organica plans to change that this summer.

"Organica will feature a revolutionary way of designing tiling textures. Rather than painting textures by hand, Organica allows you to create textures at a conceptual level by visually linking together texture components and processes, adjusting values, and modifying preexisting textures. This process takes much... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Gaming News on Feb 26, 2003

Versatile Mapper

I thought I should point out this mapper: BerneyBoy. He publishes his maps under multiple platforms. For example, his Egypt TeamTemple map was built for:
• Medal Of Honor
• Quake 3 Arena
• Return to Castle Wolfenstein
• Soldier of Fortune II
• Star Trek Voyager Elite Force
• Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast

Since they all run on the same basic game engine, Quake III, porting s... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Gaming News on Feb 22, 2003

Jobs working on Quake 4

Come on... I know there are some readers here that know how to work that quake engine like no other. Kenn Hoekstra is looking to hire someone to work on Quake 4.

Raven is looking for a 2-D/3-D artist to concept, build, and paint complex textures and world models for Quake 4. We prefer an artist with experience working in the PC gaming industry, with an understanding of creating textures and world models, but with ve... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Quake on Feb 20, 2003

The Calendar is Back

I brought back the Calendar of Events. You can now keep track of coming games releases, events, and more. Soon, this will be added to the sidebar since it seems to be running much better (since we last had the calendar here).

You should be able to enter events of your own as well. Let me know if you have any problems.

btw: the link is in the main menu too ;)... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in MODSonline on Feb 19, 2003

Devastation Interview

WorthPlaying.com has a good interview with the creators of Devistation. Let me highlight a few sections of special interest:

If (modders) have experience with the Unreal Engine then they should be able to pick this up without any problems. Level designers will have it the easiest as we’ve totally catered to them the most with all the tools and content we’ve created for them in min... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Devastation on Feb 18, 2003

Chrome Developers Diary

Gamespy has started a developers diary for Chrome, a tactical fps game. A taste of what they offer:

Our main aim was to create extensive outdoor locations that would give the player a lot of freedom to move around. We wanted to make it so that no other game would give the player such a realistic image of a deep forest. The forest itself introduces a new type of play mode based on combat in the wil... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Chrome on Feb 16, 2003

Maya Personal Learning Edition

Alias | Wavefront is offering a free personal edition of Maya.

Bit of info:

Maya Personal Learning Edition™ is a special version of Maya®, which provides free access to Maya Complete™ software for non-commercial use. More info. (Available for Windows® 2000/XP Professional and Mac® OS X).

More info here.
... [ There's more ]
Posted by Foxhound in Coding News on Feb 14, 2003

Devastation Preview

HomeLan Fed has posted a preview of Devastation which is using the unreal warfare engine for their fps styled, very interactive game. A cool bit of news that I pulled from this preview:

"Even though this was only a partial build, it also contained the game’s modified Unreal level editor (called Ded here) which proves that the folks at Digitalo are serious about supporting a Devastation mod community."

Check out the entire preview
Posted by foyleman in Devastation on Feb 14, 2003

JEEL´s Specops 1.3 SoF II mod

This a classic MP modification for SoF II. Jeel has changed some parameters, turning the game much more realistic.

You can get it at JEEL´s website over here. ... [ There's more ]
Posted by Col.J.P. in Soldier of Fortune II on Feb 12, 2003

Game Developers Choice Awards

Nominees for the third annual Game Developers Choice Awards have been announced by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). Winners will be announced on March 6 at the Game Developers Conference.

Game of the Year
• Battlefield 1942—Digital Illusions
• Grand Theft Auto: Vice City—Rockstar North
• Metroid Prime—Retro Studios
• Neverwinter Nights—BioWare Corp.
• Tom Clancy’s Spl... [ There's more ]
Posted by foyleman in Gaming News on Feb 12, 2003
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