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the new version HLSW supports now also the play call OF Duty 2, Quake 4, Day OF Defeat: SOURCE and the newest version of BF 2 in addition w... more 
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READ THE README! This file is a little sketchy, but it works - just read the readme to figure out how to use it! 
Downloaded 1809 times
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ah tool for clearing the mainfolder 
Downloaded 79 times
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This Call of Duty┬« 2 update is recommended for Windows 2000/XP users with Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (HT Technology) enabled processors, mult... more 
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Description:Here's the second version of Prometheus' and Khuskan's utility for making your CoD2 pure again. It has a collection of great new feature... more 
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This is a very helpful utility for remotely accessing you Call of Duty 2 game server and performing administrator functions on it. You do not have to ... more 
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RMC RCON MENU - v1.3 Adapted: OTTP TheKurgen E-Mail: kurgs@thekurgen.com Original Developer: Benjamin Rossmann ([RM]Lincoln) Original E-Mail: rm-tea... more 
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Updated image, materials and Xray.exe files for SkeletonMap 3. 
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StatsMAX is a FREE utility to create statistics web pages for Call Of Duty 2 game servers. 
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This is a modified compile .bat to be used in conjunction with the front end provided by IW. The difference is that this one will create a basic .gsc ... more 
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A modified compile .bat fileextract and place in your /Activision/Call of Duty 2/bin/ folder - making sure to overwrite the existing file 
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TGen (A Terrain Generator for Call of Duty 2) Prototype release - October 10, 2007 TGen creates terrain mesh maps from raw format, 8 bit, greyscale i... more 
Downloaded 191 times

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