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HL2 Door breach
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This tutorial shows you how to shoot down a door, and for a period of time you go into slow-motion. Sorry but there are no pics.

So, for this example, I had a 2 rooms seperated by a wall in between. There is a door way in the middle of the wall, make sure there is one unit between the door and framewall, and combine on the other side of the wall. Instead of placing a Prop_door_rotating, place a prop physics with the desired model, and name it "breach_door" ( Excluding the quotes ). In flags, make sure these are ticked : "Motion disabled", "Prevent pickup" and "Prevent motion on player bump".

Create a logic_timer and a point_severcommand. Name the latter "Command" and the timer, "timer". In the keyvalues change the settings to these: Start disabled - Yes, Use random time - No, Refire interval - 2 (you may want to tweak this later)

Make a trigger push, in the top of the doorway. Name it "breach_push". Change keyvalues to : Start disabled - Yes, Push Direction - (Your Direction into the enemy), Speed of Push - (You'll want to fiddle with this but I'm going for around 400). Flags, Tick : "Physics Objects".

Before the Inputs, just change these keyvalues in the soliders : Name - Squad, Sleep State - Waiting for input, Ignore PVS, Pistol Starts Drawn - Yes.

Go into breach_door outputs and place in these:

OnHealthChanged : breach_door : EnableMotion :  :0.00

OnHealthChanged : squad : Wake :  : 0.00                                                       

OnHealthChanged : command : Command : sv_cheats 1 : 0.00

OnHealthChanged : timer : Enable :  : 0.00

OnHealthChanged : timer : Toggle :  : 0.00

OnHealthChanged : command : Command : host_timescale 0.1 : 0.00 

OnHealthChanged : breach_push : Enable :  : 0.00

OnHealthChanged : breach_push : Disable :  : 0.15                               

Now go to timer and add these outputs: 

OnTimer : timer : Kill :  : 0.00

OnTimer : command : Command : host_timescale 1 : 0.00

OnTimer : breach_push : Kill :  : 0.00

OnTimer : command : Command : sv_cheats 0 : 0.01

OnTimer : command : Kill :  : 0.02

Now, when you shoot the door, it goes flying into the next room, and time slows down. Also when you shoot somebody watch their blood float around you.

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