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Adding a clock/watch function to your games
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Adding time display to system message window

I wrote this because I needed to have players
reach an objective by a certain time to observe
some event that I was planning.

***Display the Current Time***
Ron "Ronbocop" Carroll
I wrote this because I needed to have players
reach an objective by a certain time to observe
some event that I was planning.
I couldn't find any reference to display the
time except for the mission time, which doesn't
help players to know that they are 23mins into
the game after an arbitrary mission start time
of 11:45 in the morning, especially since my
mates just skip the whole menu thing to get into
the game. This game also does not have a watch
a la ARMA either.
To do this I had to get the script to know
what time it was at the start of the mission.
This is the time that is set up in the Mission
Properties area under Environment, Date & Time.
In my case this was 2009/12/05 21:03 (my team
having landed on site around 21:00 and having
unloaded the ingress boat of a cache of weapons.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to change your mission
start time, do not forget to change the
"CurrentTime" parameter to match

IMPORTANT: Remember that onTimer is one of the
few commands that does not have an underscore,
"_" to separate the function-type from the

You can call the displayCurrentTime()
function at any point you wish, ie, after
destroying an objective, retrieving some intel
or whatever. It will not interfere with you
minute by minute update.

Hope this fleshes out your missions &
campaigns. Enjoy
function onMissionStart()
--Display Current Mission Time

--Call routine to Display Current Time
--again after a minute
OFP:addTimer("DisplayTime",60000) --60x1000msec

--Display the CurrentTime
function displayCurrentTime()
--Mission time at start = 0
--21x60 mins per hour x60 secs per minute x1000msec
--to give 21:00hrs or 9pm +
--3x60 secs per minute x1000msec
--to give xx:03mins
CurrentTime = OFP:getMissionTime() + (21*60*60*1000) + (3*60*1000)
--Format for obtaining readable time from a calculated
--number in millisecongds
Hours, Minutes, Seconds = OFP:convertTimeToHMS(CurrentTime)
--Since 21:3:0 does not look like readable time you
--need to inflate or insert a zero into the text
if Minutes < 10 then
Minutes = "0" .. Minutes
if Seconds < 10 then
Seconds = "0" .. Seconds
--The "double full stops" is Lua's concatenate function
--The result will be a message in the bottom left corner
--ie "The Current Time is:- 21:03:00"
OFP:displaySystemMessage("Current Time is:- " .. Hours .. ":" .. Minutes .. ":" .. Seconds) -- remove the space before display

--Call the time every minute
function onTimerDisplayTime()
--[[You may delete the DisplayTime() timer here if you
wish as per normal but I haven't had a problem with it.]]

--Call the displayCurrentTime() function again
--Initiate this timer again to run 1min later

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